Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am so excited for so many reasons! Here are some wonderful things coming up in my life:

Next Weekend: WICKED! Grant bought me tickets for Christmas to see the musical WICKED in Houston! I am beyond thrilled. I already have the soundtrack memorized. Also, Easter is that weekend so I get to spend Easter at my home church. YAY!

The Weekend after that: GIRLS WEEKED 07! And I realize I misspelled Weekend. It's GIRLS WEEKED!! (At last years girls weeked 06, my dear Lindsee made a cake to commemorate the event, and wrote "GIRLS WEEKED" on the cake. I think I almost wet my pants when she presented it so proudly!

Isn't she just precious?? :) So Girls Weeked 07 is upon us, and the gals are coming up to Baton Rouge to see me! I am just beyond myself with excitement. Next year, (Girls Weeked 08) is in Montana!! HOLLA!

Now, the end of April has even more excitement in store for me! I will become an aunt for the 3rd time!! My sister, Jaclyn, is having her first baby at the end of April. I am getting a 3rd niece, her name will be Grace Parker. I can't wait to meet her. According to the ultrasound she has very full lips and alot of hair! (Like Suri Holmes Cruise!!) This is my cute pregnant sister :)

Also, in May I get to have a little vacation. Grant's parents are treating us as well as Chase and Ronda- my new brother and sister-in-law, to DISNEY WORLD!! I haven't been since high school and I can't wait to go ride all the rides. We are only going for 3 days but I am very happy about having a little break in my work week!

SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO! God is so good to me :)

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  1. I feel so extremely loved by you! :) This post excites me, also! And, easter, we are singing together!! HOLLA!!! OH, the old days of choir! I love you, and get to see you in a week...YAY!! I feel like I just saw you, this is good!!!