Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

It's a rainy day in spring time! I actually enjoy the rain (if it's not a terrential downpour). It's relaxing to me. And it gives me a reason to lay on my couch all day! :) I'm at work right now. The phones have been ringing off the hook, but there seems to be a lull in the telephone traffic so I thought I'd update!

Did ya'll watch American Idol last night? I pick Blake and Jordin as the final two. I'm getting more into this season now. It took me awhile. I'm also preparing myself for my upcoming addiction to the Bachelor. I watched the first episode and I'm already hooked!!

This weekend is WICKED! Grant is so wonderful and is taking me to see a musical. I really think he'll like it too. This weekend is Easter Sunday at Cypress as well. I think I've been at Cypress Bible Church every single Easter Sunday in my entire life. Pretty cool! Also, I'm singing in the choir too that morning. Lindsee is singing with me! Holla back to 9th grade ya'll!! Haha...

I'm using my crock pot for the first time today. It is on at home and I am kinda freaking out about leaving it on all day long. I told Grant I was worried and he said "Well, if we come home and it's burned down the house, we just won't use it again". Sounds like a plan to me. Cooking has been hard for me. Well, cooking itself hasn't been hard. But coming up with something new and different for dinner has proven difficult. I have a very unvaried diet. I kinda eat the same 10 things over and over, and I'm happy with that. Grant needs variety. He's not a picky eater like me. Growing up in Louisiana, his mom made him shrimp and gumbo and etoufee. I just never learned how to make all that stuff. I can make lasagna, etc, and chicken and potatoes, but all that spicy stuff just isn't what I want for dinner. But I want Grantley to have what he wants too. We have very different appetites and it's hard to cook for both. My precious pregnant sister Jaclyn sent me some recipes, so maybe those will help!! (Thank you Jaclyn Renee!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I will update after Wicked! YIPPEE!!

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