Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Injury

Sigh. Here we go. Yesterday I was at work and Grant called. He very non-chalantly told me that he thinks we should go to the hospital. Nice. Insert Jenny's panic attack here. :)

He's fine. Grant was drilling a hole in a wall at work and the 3 foot long drill bit snagged and it torqued his arm really hard. He fractured this same arm over a year ago and now they are thinking that he's torn some ligaments. Today he is going to an orthopedist to see if this will require surgery. Regardless, Grant will not be working for a few weeks. He will be sitting on a couch all day. (My idea of relaxation, his idea of torture).

He's not in too much pain, but his right arm is totally immobile and he is just frustrated. For those of you who know my husband, you know that he is freaking out about golf. He is worried he won't be able to play anymore.

We are really praying that these ligaments are in a position that won't require surgery. If he gets surgery, he is out of work for a few months at the very least. If it is no surgery, we're looking at about a month. Goodness gracious! Occupational hazards are the worst.

Moxie is very excited that he doesn't have to be in his pin all day. So Moxie is really getting a good deal here! The girls are coming up for GIRLS WEEKED 07 tomorrow so I've gotta get the house ready tonight and also take care of my handicapped husband. I'll update after his doctor's appointment today. Love you all!


  1. Oh, Grant! So sad for him. If it is any encouragement, my dad didn't play golf for almost 6 months after his back surgery! We all know that now, he's back in the game!!! :)

    I see you tomorrow in BATON ROUGE!! YAYAYAYAYA!!

    Until then...hugs and loves!

  2. Hi, Jenny! Just wondering if there is any update on your hubby.. let us know. Grant is in our prayers.

    Love, K