Monday, June 25, 2007

Cypress Therapy

I went to Cypress this weekend. I feel so rejuventated!

*I got to see my parents, and they always put me in a good mood.
*I got to see my sisters, and they make me laugh so hard.
*I got to see all three of my nieces, and I kinda want to steal them all.
*I got to spend some good quality time with Lindsee.
*Sally and Lindsee and I spent 24 hours together!
*I got to go to the lakehouse, which in and of itself is therapeutic.
*I got to go to Joanna's Bachelorette/Lingerie Slumber party.
*I had some wonderful moments with my Joanna, the little bride to be.
*Sunday I spent a few hours one-on-one with my Jaclyn. I needed some chat time with her!
*I had my first true "bonding experience" with Grace, as I was her very first babysitter. We played with bows and headbands. And we sang some songs.
*Scarlett and Juliet are beginning to say little words and they are FULL of personality.
*I drank lots of sweet tea.
*Sunday I had lunch with my dad, just me and him. That is ALWAYS much needed and a treasure to my heart.
*At Joanna's party, I ate lots of chocolate.
*I now have a favorite Lindsee quote of the year: "So, Sally called. And that's why she called". (To which I answered, "I'm gonna need the middle part of that story").

Before I left for Houston, I'd been in a bit of a funk for a few weeks. I had a severe lack of motivation. I had no "umption in my gumption" as my mom would call it. I couldn't make myself move. After this weekend I feel a new boost in my spirit and I'm ready to get stuff done.

Praise God for much needed weekend retreats that put everything back together again!


  1. I love you!! This weekend was TOO fun!! My heart is overjoyed that I got to sleep in a bed with's been too long!!! :) And, I am glad you have a new quote.

    I love you, precious. And glad you feel motivated again. We sometimes just all need a little boost!!

  2. I love you!! I was blessed by your sweetness this weekend!! It was so good to be in the same room and laugh!!! I miss you Jennifer Dawn!!! I too am glad that you feel ready to "perservere" :)
    Know i treasure you very much!! And heart butt cracks!!!!!