Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tour!

Last year I spent hours upon hours at work looking through everyone's pictures at BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes. I knew that I just had to be a part of this year's tour. And then I realized that I need to throw a disclaimer out there before you start flipping through pictures:

1. WE LIVE IN A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT. With 700 sq. ft, there just aren't that many
"halls" to "deck". So please forgive the lack of material I have for this post.

2. We are newlyweds. Sort of. December 30 will be our 2 year anniversary. Is 2 years still a newlywed? If not, do I need to change my blog name? Anyways, we don't have alot of Christmas stuff collected as of yet. But we are growing, slowly! I DO own a nativity scene that I LOVE but for the life of me I cannot find it in storage. My apologies.
So, without further delay, I present to you.......

THE FRONT DOOR. It is a black front door. And the wreath is from Lowe's, purchased way back in 2007. It fell off the door last week and Grant just put it in the hall closet and I thought someone stole our wreath. I was very relieved when I learned that my dear husband was just too lazy to rehang the darn thing!And, here is the O Tannenbaum. The blessed tree. It is a real tree, and I do love the smell. Our ornaments are nothing sentimental or special. They just go with my burgundy and gold theme... I love my star on top. Grant always helps with that part!

Here is another shot of the tree.... with the entry way in the background.

I have been wrapping some presents today! I got alot done. That big green one is one of the gifts I got for my twin nieces, Scarlett and Juliet. It is a board game. I feel comfortable saying that here, because, well, they are 2 years old and can't read blogs. Or words in general. And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.... okay, well, we don't have a chimney. Or a mantle. We have a bar! My darling sister Jaclyn donated these fleur-de-lis stocking hangers to me and I adore them. I have lots of fleur-de-lis in my home and these were just perfect! The stocking are from Bed Bath & Beyond. (BY THE WAY, if you haven't been to the close out sales at Linens 'n Things.... GO! There is some CHEAP stuff, girls!!) Bookshelf. The only "Christmas-y" thing on here is this really pretty Waterford penguin ornament. Close-up of Mr. Penguin. He was a gift from Grant's madre. Grant has a thing for Penguins. It's weird....Behind the penguin is our wedding invitation, framed and matted. It was a birthday present from mi madre. Our dining room table, aka breakfast table.

A long time family friend gave me this beautiful Mary, Joseph, & Jesus as a wedding gift. I LOVE it. I keep it up year round. Typically it is on my shelf, but it becomes the focal point at Christmas time!

This is not related to the Christmas season in any way, shape, or form, but I just love this painted urn. I got it at TJ Maxx. It was originally $40.00 and I got it for $9.00. LOVE IT!!

Giving my Linds a little love! Don't you just love her plates?! I DO!

My kitchen stove. I made jambalaya with sausage for dinner tonight....

And last, but not least, I attempted to make some Christmas cookies tonight. They are sugar cookies. They are supposed to be in the shape of stars and Christmas trees. Clearly, that is exactly what they turned out to be. I am so proud. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Even though your apartment is tiny to you, I happen to think it is adorable. I need to come over soon! :)

    I love you and love your precious home!


  2. that was fun...thanks for the tour. and i LOVE the staute(s) as your centerpiece on your table...the details on them are amazing. :)

  3. Beautifully done! I love that wreath on the black door. The Mary/Joseph/Baby Jesus is beautiful. I want one, too!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. so pretty! I love that urn and I love your cookies....Dean wants one... :)
    love you sister!

  5. Love your decorations! I live in Houston too, and out apartments look very similar! We both have on stockings on the bar!

  6. I think you've done a great job with your apartment!

    I love the penguin ornament, and also the Mary/Joseph/Baby Jesus figurine.

    I wish I had a black front door. My front door is so ugly, that I didn't even take a picture of my wreath for the Tour of Homes.

    (And yes, 2 years can still be a newlywed!)

    Thanks for opening your home up. The cookies look delicious!

  7. Oh the drama behind those stocking hangers! Our dear husbands just don't understand :)

    Those cookies look WAY yummy and your little home looks so warm and cozy!

    Love you sweet peaches :) See you soon!


  8. Cute! I have a thing for penguins too - I love them at Christmas. :) I don't know why.
    Follow the link to my blog and you can meet my favorites, Joyce & Herschel. :)

  9. 1.) I remember what it was like to be in a 700 sq. foot apartment and you decorated it BEAUTIFULLY!
    2.) Penguins are awesome and we have started a penguin collection for Caroline! :)
    3.) Who cares what the cookies looked like, it's all about the taste and I bet they tasted GREAT!

  10. I think you did a fabulous job decorating and yes, those are perfect tree and star cookies!! hehe Merry Christmas to you and yours:-) xox

  11. I love your apartment. It takes me back to my newlywed days and I loved our apartment. COZY. And, I got that same darling plate in my house too. ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas. Your apartment looks wonderful!!!! Thanks for the cookies.

  13. I am SO proud of your cookies, you can totally tell they're meant to be stars!!

    Your tree is lovely and your wreath is adorable, I always dreamt of having a black painted door. Ours is just white plastic PVC though :-(

    Your neices are totally spoilt to have gifts so nicely and thoughtfully wrapped, our girls don't get many bows since the paper gets torn off so quickly! :-)

  14. I think your cookies were marvelous! Perfect in everyway! Your tree is beautiful too and I love the penguin.

    I hope home is filled with love this holiday season!

  15. Precious. I love the ribbon on your tree! I know exactly what it's like to decorate a small place - that's where I was last year! This year I don't have near enough to fill a house, but like you said - it will grow each year! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  16. Thanks for sharing - I think your home is beautiful and I too love your Nativity. I'd keep it out year round as well.

    Happy (early) Anniversary (didn't you just love getting married during the Chrismtas season? My anniversary is the 29th) and Merry Christmas!


  17. Merry Christmas, yes you are still a newlywed. Wait until you have been married 46 yrs like I have and then I guess you will no longer be a newly wed.Its not how big your home is or how much "stuff" you have, its how much you love and enjoy your "Home for the Holidays". I can tell you love your home and I love your home and thanks for inviting me in.
    Jean in Virginia

  18. You have a lovely house, cozy as it may be. Technically, 2 years is no longer a newlywed, but keep your blog name. You can look at the newlywed part as being about your state of mind rather than actual fact. I love the really old couples that have been married 50+ years and still flirt with each other!

  19. Jen the Newlywed - - - you were married ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    All your Christmas gala looks great.

    Hey - - - I KNOW Lone Butterfly, who left you a comment, in my REGULAR blogworld!!!

    Merry Christmas

  20. I love the Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus statue. What a great gift!

    Best wishes to you and our family this Christmas season.

  21. thought i'd post a belated happy anniversary wish...hope you are having a wonderful week of celebrating.

    (i never got brave enough to do a tour....maybe before i take it down......we'll see)

    see you!