Wednesday, December 17, 2008

White is Better than Orange-ish Brown

I've been tagged!

My dear friend Laura tagged me to do this picture thingy.... here were my instructions:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!
FUN! :)

There are many things to explain about the above photo. Allow me to begin.

*It was taken in early June 2006.

*Jaclyn had come in town from South Carolina (where she was currently living) to meet our little twin nieces for the very first time. I don't think the twins were more than a week old here. We were SO happy to finally be aunts!

*I'm pretty sure Juliet is the one I am holding, and Aunt Jaclyn is holding Scarlett.

*Let's talk about the obvious elephant in the room here: WHY IS JEN SO TAN? Well, it's called desperation. You see, I was engaged at this time, and knew that in a few short months I would be dressed all in white. White washes me out. I tried tanning beds. I tried tanning creams. Nothing ever looked normal. Finally, in a last effort, I decided to try going to an expensive day spa and have some stranger spray tan me.

Yes. A woman I had never met before was going to airbrush me into tan-ness. I just KNEW it was going to work. I didn't care that it cost more than you wanna know...... I just wanted to see if THIS was going to be my solution to my lifelong problem of Casper skin.

Well, it did indeed make me tan. But can we all agree that I just look plain WEIRD?! I am orange. And she didn't even spray tan me super dark, but for me, that is just alot. I mean, I suddenly realized that I needed to just love what God gave me. Nicole Kidman is pale. Maybe I can be like her.

I love that picture though. I think Jaclyn looks gorgeous. And I love knowing that at the time this picture was taken, Jaclyn was not yet pregnant and had no idea what a precious joy her sweet Grace Parker was going to be.

I love seeing the twins so small....and knowing I'll see them this weekend, just as talkative as can be! Precious!!

Okay, I tag... Joanna, Erica, Nat, and Kelli

Have fun!


  1. You sisters are SO photogenic, orange-d or not! And your hair always looks so so glossy. I'm mostly 90% happy for you and your shiny hair and maybe just 10% jealous... hah

    fun meme though, I played along too! x

  2. love this picture! I can't believe how little they were....oh how I love them so....

  3. I love this picture of y'all. Well, really I just love y'all.

    I might have to do this post, just because we know my obession with pictures. But, we shall see! Love you!