Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Preschool Choir

Since September, I have been one of the teachers in our church preschool choir. I have absolutely loved watching these kiddos learn about music. They are so enthusiastic and funny. And they really are learning this stuff, which is perhaps what I have been most surprised about. They can identify and name a quarter note, a half note, a whole note, a quarter rest, and eighth note and can read the rhythms outloud. For quarter notes we say "ta" and for eighth notes we say "ti-ti" which always makes them erupt into a sea of giggles. It is hilarious.

Last night I had a few early birds arrive while I was still setting up the classroom. I had about 12 kids in there and they were starting to get a bit rowdy. I couldn't really entertain them since I was still trying to get the room set up. So I shouted "HEY! I want everyone to act like a monkey!". With no hesitation at all, I'm telling you that within 1 second I had 12 little monkeys running around that room. Next I said "Okay, now I want everyone to act like a snake!" and immediately all twelve of them hit the floor and started slithering around. I love how they all do it instantly and have such joy pretending to be all the animals. We played that game for a good 5 minutes and it didn't get old.

What's been even more amazing is watching how much they have changed since September. Some of them are 4 going on 5, and some of them are 5 going on 6. But not only have they gotten taller in the last 7 or 8 months, but they act so differently then when I first met them. Their social skills have improved especially. And they are a HOOT.

Typically every week I come home with atleast one great quote. Last night's line was:

"Hey-you-know-what-Mizjenny? My mom went to the doctor today for her moles".

I'm sure her mom would be just thrilled to know that I am now aware of her mole problems!


  1. HA! How lovely! Kid's do say the darndest things!! Whatever happened to that show? I loved it!

  2. With my job at church, I've seen the very first group of kids, that i have had under my wing from 4 yrs old to 12 yrs old, move into youth. I'm blown away. I still see a 4 yr old. ;) Enjoy those kiddos. Love 'em to pieces.

    I'm thankful for you Jen. What a GIFT you are to those kids. I hope you know that.


  3. out of the mouths of babes! It is such a blessing to those sweet little things that they get to have you in their lives.
    And, as for your situation with Alonzo, you can do it girl, I know you can! LOVE YOU!