Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I've Done and Things I'll Do

Well, it is Friday. I've taken a bit of a bloggy break since Monday and let me tell you, it has been a very productive week! A few things I have gotten accomplished:

1. I made dinner every single night this week!
2. I brought my lunch every single day this week! (Mostly leftovers and Lean Cuisines, but still, SAVING THE MONEYS!)
3. I worked out twice, once with Alonzo and once by myself.
4. I worked 6.25 hours of overtime at work this week. Trial prep week is rough!

And here are a few things I am going to get accomplished this weekend:


2. Clean. All my cooking and working overtime has left me with quite the messy house.


4. Go to the bridal shop with my sweet college roommate of three years, Tiffany, to try on my bridesmaids dress for her wedding in October. Here's a pic of the dress, except our dress will be black with an ivory sash.

5. Watch a girl movie. I am SO in the mood!

Here's a couple random things to add: I'd like to give a shout-out to my friend Jess for her amazing post about bringing pale back. Holla!

Also, how FLIPPING CUTE are my twin nieces?! Scarlett and Juliet are going to be 3 on May 31. Can you believe it?! I love them so much....


  1. Girly movie! YAY FOR THAT! I, on the other hand will be laughing as my hubby shields his eyes from the video of the actual birth in our child birthing class this weekend!

    The girls look so precious!

  2. cute bridesmaids dresses!
    I love girly movies - I want to see the Jennifer Garner and Matthew M. one!
    Love your cute nieces!
    I can not believe they are 3 already!
    Have a SUPER weekend!
    Love ya

  3. Your nieces are so cute! I don't know what sleeping in is anymore!! I mean real sleeping in!! :) Great list!

  4. If you need a girlfriend for the movie watching session. You just let this BFF know! :)

  5. Oh a good girl movie is a must for the weekend!!

    That dress is flawless! Love it!

  6. Oh my word...bridesmaid dress is DARLING-LY beautiful! :) And, those little girls are just as cute.

    Hope you had a great weekend!