Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Friday was a day off of work for me and Grant, and for that we are very thankful. Grant spent Friday playing golf (can you imagine that?) while I drove out to Cypress. My mom and I laid out by the pool and went for a little dip. Then we went to lunch with my dad. I had such a nice visit with my parents. Then my mom and I went out to see Laura and baby Matteo and I almost stole him.
Friday night the Coopers invited us over to their house. Oh my gosh it was fun!! The guys grilled lamb-kabobs which were YUMMY and then we ate dessert.
Lynn had asked Katie to bring the dessert for our little party but Katie had to work on Friday, so Mo made this cake on their behalf. First of all, what is it with all the men and the cake making?! Secondly, this was a cheesecake and it changed my life it was so good. We are so proud to be Americans and so proud of Mo.
This is Mo posing proudly with his dessert that he so lovingly made for us.
After dinner, we busted out the Guitar Hero. It was INTENSE. I was mostly surpised with the amazing vocal talents of Ben. Here he is singing a mind-blowing version of "Beat It" in honor of Michael Jackson's passing.
Katie on the drums, looking cute.

I am a very impressive percussionist.

Lynn was the best drummer out of all of us girls.

This is the face of focus.

Ben totally stole the show though. I think he should join the church choir with me.

Saturday morning, Grant and I woke up waaaaaay later than usual (10:30, anyone?!?!) and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING all day long and IT WAS GLORIOUS. And I won't forget the men who died and gave that right to me.

So Saturday evening the Larkin's invited us over for their 4th of July shin-dig and I have not stopped telling Grant about how much fun I had! We got to their house and visited and ate chips and queso and hot dogs and burgers and the guys played horse-shoes in the backyard and it was too fun.
Then we all piled into the cars and drove downtown where we laid a blanket on the lawn and watched fireworks together. Y'ALL IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! It was breezy and calm and beautiful and it was just a great time with great friends in a great country!

All the girls. And my white legs. They cannot be ignored.
(Left to Right: Holley, Christen, Liz, Me and Pasty Legs, Sarah and Katie)

All the guys.
Henry and his hat, Andy, Jim, Daniel, Grantley and Mo

Below are just a small selection of my favorite firework photos from the evening. Kudos to Grant, the photographer!!

So Jim and Liz are pregnant with little Lily and her nursery is pink and green... when this firework lit up the sky I mentioned how sweet it was for the people to do one for little Lily :)

This one blinded me for about 45 seconds.

Aren't they so pretty?! After the show was over, we all headed back to Jim and Elizabeth's where we ate homemade ice cream and the chocolate chip cake of my life and I almost died of happiness.

So after a great service this morning at church, Grant and I had mexican food and headed back home where I napped and did laundry and watched Princess Diaries and it was just altogether a great weekend.

God bless 3 day weekends. And God bless America.


  1. That flag cake looks awesome! I am posting a cake that I made this weekend and it is TOTALLY put to shame by this one!! You must get the cheesecake recipe!

  2. We totally had a BLAST too!! I kept telling Jim it was such a fun night. Your firework pics are AWESOME... i might steal them! haha! Have a good week! see you Tuesday!

  3. Firstly, that cheesecake looks AMAZING! Secondly, it's so not fair how guys legs tan faster and better than ours, thirdly, you'd make an excellent drummer- I know, I can play! And other than all of that, I am so pleased that you had a great weekend! Has it cooled down for you yet? It's raining as I type here!

  4. So glad y'all had a good fourth of July! Grant's focused face is priceless! Love to you both!

  5. That dessert looks so yummy!! Gotta love some Guitar Hero and what better than MJ right now, right?? I find myself trying to perfect my dance to beat it, HA!! Love the pics, so glad that you posted them! :)

  6. Love the pictures! Yes, Ben is good at stealing the show with his vocal abilities. It was fun!!