Friday, July 10, 2009

My Knee Hurts

I'm pretty sure I'm about to write an entire post about my knee. Consider yourself warned. Buckle up. This is going to be THE MOST INTERESTING BLOG POST YOU HAVE EVER READ.

So yesterday at the end of the work day I was in the kitchen here at the office and opened the fridge. Things came tumbling out because people shove things in the fridge that don't fit. So... I got down to business. I squatted down and started rearranging things. That's when it happened: A coke can fell from the sky. IT FELL FROM THE SKY.

(Note: in this case, "the sky" can also be called "the top shelf".)

So it twirled and twisted through the air and then the hard metal rim of the coke can aimed itself towards my knee in a way that can only be perceived as malicious. The lip of this coke can had a mission, and it was to hurt me.

And it did. It made a loud sound and so did I. I immediately grabbed my knee, started rocking back and forth like a mental patient while saying "Mmmmmm....MMMMMMM...ooowww....OHHHHHHH!!!!" a few dozen times while willing any curse words to stay inside and not come out. I was at work and most of the people here think that I don't know any bad words.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening gimping around like a pathetic wounded gazelle and told Grant every 10 minutes "my knee hurts" or "did I tell you about what happened to my knee?".

So this morning, I expected a big ol' bruise. But it is the strangest thing. The bruise is there, but it is a vertical line.... which I guess would make sense since the lip of the can is what hit my knee so it was just a thin piece of metal that would leave an impression. But underneath the bruise is a big bump that was causing some serious pain as I drove to work this morning. I almost thought that I should call in sick.



  1. awe boo! workmans comp!!! ha! im kidding. sorry! i can just hear you saying that to Grant all night ... i would do the same to Sergio, get well soon!

  2. Ok, so you seriously crack me up and yes that is the most interesting story ever! :) hope your knee gets better!

  3. Absolutely the most interesting. I like how you gave the coke can a mind of its own.

  4. Hey Jen! Thanks for the comment. Yes, we should sign up our Husbands for the show.

    Sorry about your knee! But it did make a pretty funny post. :)

  5. Haha, sorry about your knee. But I seriously think I've got you beat! Haha!


  6. So I found yoru blog through people while I stalk at work. I love this story! Sounds like my stories :)My husband responds 'is that all'?