Monday, January 18, 2010

Best & Worst- Golden Globes 2010

Well here we are! Our first awards show of 2010. And it is the Golden Globes. My favorites! I love how it combines TV and movies because I feel like sometimes I want to see all those peoplein the same room.

Let's start off with my favorite part.... SANDRA BULLOCK WON BEST ACTRESS FOR THE BLIND SIDE! I was so happy for her. And doesn't she look just divine in this color of purple? I never would've thought to put her in that but she looks radiant. I rather love the dress. By the way, apparently it was a very rainy afternoon in LA and it was so funny to see all these people carrying umbrellas like Mary Poppins.

Tina Fey is adorable.

I normally don't comment on the men because, you know, a tux is a tux. However, I felt like this boy's tux was especially shiny, and that is worth commenting on.
This is that girl Lea from Glee and I LOVE her dress.


What is going on here?

Seriously. It looks like the pink icing they use for the cakes at Kroger.

I like Zoe in this color and I LOVE the dress.

She is adorable and frankly a bit too pretty for me.

Kate Hudson. I have mixed feelings. Well, I don't have mixed feelings about the shoes. Hate those. But the dress is hot and cold for me. The bodice is cool but the top of it looks like a folded white dinner napkin with styrofoam coming out of the top. But somehow, it works.
Isn't she just adorable?

I am confused about this dress. It seems a bit dated to me. The material of the top (and the large cut-out) remind me of something you could buy in mid-90's at 5-7-9 in Willowbrook Mall.

I LOVE Jenna Fischer and I love this dress. Bless her heart, she looks like she didn't know what to do with herself holding that umbrella. "What do I do with my other hand?!" Pose!
Jennifer, I love you whole-heartedly but that was just too much leg.

This is a person from "Glee" who's name I cannot recall but who's dress I adored. Way to go, Glee person!

Emily Blunt had a pretty dress on.

But it looked even better when she was standing next to her fiance, Jim Halpert.

Christina from MadMen... the buxom red-headed secretary. I'm not liking the color on her.

Holy crap.

This is Chloe, and she is weird.

Can we just pause a moment and look at this?

1. She is pregnant
2. She is adorable
3. She is a redhead

Julia! It was so good to see you! But I felt like you were a bit dressed down, my dear.

This is Courtney Cox.

But more importantly, these are Courtney Cox's earrings. HELLO!!!!

This is a pretty purple person who's dress I think is amazing.

Nicole, I love you madly but I feel like this dress is a bit like a satin sheet.

Drew Barrymore was wearing fiberoptic coral on her dress. It was strange.

Kate Winslet was looking very svelte!!

I love Jen Garner.

But how do we feel about her hair? Miss America 1992, perhaps?

Mixed feelings on January Jones.

She is very golden with very ugly shoes.

Funniest married couple ever. They are adorable.
Heidi looked like a Barbie doll.. in a good way!!

That's all folks. Work is calling... and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET SISTER JACLYN!! I love you!


  1. I think we disagree on just a couple this year. I loved loved loved Kate Hudson. All of her. And in general I dislike Jen Garner. She was very rude to Conan and I can't have that. (watch--only 20seconds--

    But! The Chloe person was way weird, indeed. Whatherface who i love from ER back in the day, her dress was dated...And I don't think I could love Amy Adams any more! And what was up with all the dresses the color of people's skin?!

    I love your recaps! I was looking forward to it last night!

  2. Some thoughts:

    Sandra looked stunning; girls with our coloring (olive-ish skin, dark hair) look good in purple.

    LOVED the Glee girl's black dress. It looked a bit more like an Oscar dress, but as a TV star, she's prob not going to the Oscars.

    Loved Tina Fey's bodice, but the length was so "Little Bo Peep." Not a fan.

    I thought Jen Garner looked stunning, but too thin. And yeah, her bangs were oddly feathered.

    I loved Kate Hudson. Normally I'm a "classic" kind of girl, but I thought her hair was a titch old fashioned.

    Amy Adams was IMPECCABLE. I want that dress! I don't care if it's maternity, I'll make it work!

    Gotta love the buxom gal from Mad Men, but I agree the color was not right for her. I was surprised when she told Ryan Seacrest that she chose the color and had it made (by PR's Christian Siriano!).

    I echo Laura's commment; too many flesh-colored dresses. Why does Nicole Kidman always choose dresses that wash her out so bad? I'm surprised how many people are putting her on "best dressed" lists.

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Taylor Lautner dyes his hair?? He's like 17... what's that about? It's way too dark!

    Thanks for your recap!

  3. Oh and I meant to add, what's with January Jones' obsession with headbands?! I think she has worn some version of a head wrap/band to every single formal event! I like headbands as much as the next gal, but mix it up a little!

  4. Thank you so much for this review...b/c I did not watch it. I know, GASP!! But, I was watching "24"!! So, I had good reasons!! :) I also had a feeling that you would be filling me in on everything. I LOVE your very detailed descriptions. You should interview with E! They would hire you in a second. Oh, and my husband is swooning over that pic of Jenn Aniston! She is the love of his life...besides ME of course! HA!! :)

  5. hahaha loved this post and loved the 5-7-9 reference! Oh the days of junior high and Willowbrook Mall...

  6. I knew that in missing the globes you wouldn't fail me. Please, go write for E! or something.


  7. Love all the pictures! (b/c, sadly, I missed the GG's!) Love all the comments! Just LOVE your blog - you're hilarious! :)