Friday, January 22, 2010

I Promise This Whole Post Is Not Going to Be About Vomit

I know, I know. Today is Friday and the last time I posted it was Monday. However, there have been some events that have unfolded since the Golden Globes post and I was unable to blog.

What happened, you ask?

Something died inside of me and really wanted to come out but couldn't, and then I thrashed around in bed for a day and then I spent the hours of 5pm-3am hugging the toilet and then I died and then I came back to life.

Today, I feel like a new woman. Praise the Lord. That was not a good side of me!

You know what else is awesome? Grant's parents are in town! Hooray! They drove in late last night. I am at work today, but Grant took the day off and he is playing (you guessed it!) golf with his dad. His mom is visiting with one of her dear friends who lives in Houston. We are so glad to have them here. As usual, we will eat our way through Houston this weekend! I just hope my appetite is back by then. I'm still a little scared to eat anything. This has been a very strange way to lose weight! :)


  1. GIRL.FRIEND. I'm so sorry. I feel your pain. The toilet and I were dear friends over New Years. Glad you are back to normal. Have a great weekend! Love ya!

  2. Happiness is...

    no more hugging the toilet.

  3. Oh no! I didn't know you were sick but I'm glad you are better! Have fun with the fam!