Thursday, May 20, 2010

A List Format Post Cause I Am Oozing With Creativity

1. Today sooo should have been Friday. This work week has been 8 days long and I don't appreciate that.

2. However, today was extra awesome as I worked in the morning at the office and then watched "Ellen" and various Law & Order shows during the afternoon. Every few months, my boss has some home maintenance work done on his house and needs someone to be there to wait for the various repair men. I get to be that person. So, at lunch time, I headed over to his casa and watched TV while a very nice man named David fixed the A/C. It was a nice afternoon.

3. I went to Garden Ridge today and bought a wreath for my door cause I've been feeling like the front of my house needs some color. It's a (fake) wreath of blue hydrangea. Grant isn't home yet and he is going to get home and see the wreath and then he is going to walk in and give me crap about it but then I am going to announce that it was only $14.99 and then he will have to shut it. If he continues, I will walk into the closet and come out holding the 49 golf clubs he has bought in the last 3 months. I won't hit him with the golf clubs. I will just use them as Exhibit A in my winning argument.

4. Yes, Grant is not home yet and I am going semi-crazy as there is some important stuff happening tonight on the television. Not only is it finale night, but there is a shooting at Seattle Grace Hospital and I'm worried someone is going to get killed and I'm worried about who that person might be. Someone from Mercy West is the only person I will be even somewhat okay with. The Mercy Westers don't mesh well. My point is, Grant needs to get home ASAP. For right now I am walking down memory lane with Detectives Benson and Stabler. These 2004 episodes are a hoot. Olivia's hair is just a treasure.

5. I've been keeping the house really really clean lately. So clean, that last night Grant got home from work, looked around the house and then seriously said to me, "Okay, what's going on?". How sad.

6. This morning I was on the phone with my sister Jaclyn who informed me that her sweet little Dean is now saying "Mama". She put the phone up to him and tried to get him to do it for me but he was being shy about it. However, his big sister Grace was extremely proud of herself as she said "Mama" to me in the phone several times as she is very talented and has been saying "mama" for a long time now and doesn't really understand what the big deal is about Dean saying it and he doesn't even always say it on cue.

7. I've gone pretty much the entire season without saying much of anything about American Idol. However, as we are now down to the final two I have formed an opinion and that opinion is OH MY WORD I LOVE LEE.

8. Do any of my readers have a Roomba? I'm thinking about saving up and buying one as I genuinely hate cleaning floors. If you have one, is it worth it? Does your dog destroy it? Does it kinda freak you out? Did you name yours? Cause I think I would name mine. All robot things need a name.

9. I ate an obscene amount of Cool Ranch Doritos this afternoon while watching Oprah. Seriously, I couldn't stop myself. And you know what? It was oh-so-satisfying.

10. I'm going to share a weird fact about myself with you. This is the only weird thing about me. Everything else about me is totally normal. The weird fact is this: Every morning when I get ready for work, I daydream and imagine about what I'm going to wear to work on Friday. You see, we can wear jeans to work on Friday. So every morning as I'm putting on my dress pants, I think about which jeans I'm going to wear, what shirt I'll wear, and what shoes I'll wear. Monday thru Thursday I walk into my closet with no idea about what I'll walk out wearing. But ohhhh Friday morning. I have a plan.

I'm going to stop talking now and begin incessantly texting my husband till he comes home.

Love you bye.


  1. hahahahaha love this entire post

  2. pretty much DITTO your #3... my husband just got golf clubs and if he gives me grief over any purchase (which he always does) - I'll take your lead and go show him those new golf clubs of his! :) ha! priceless!

  3. Sooooo....what did he say about the wreath? Bc I so wanted you to whip out the golf clubs on him.