Saturday, June 26, 2010

As Promised- Before & After Photos

There were 3 rooms in our house that needed help. And they needed help badly.

Exhibit A.... my office. Believe it or not, I didn't feel very professional/task oriented with all the various insects and pastel colors on the wall. Not my style.

Dragonflies! Bumblebees! Butterflies! Hooray!

Ah, yes. That is better. A chair to read in.

And my favorite people framed in photos everywhere.

And a desk to work at. With lovely walls in "Whole Wheat". Love. It.

Oh, the kitchen. See, the kitchen wasn't all that bad but it just wasn't my fave. The marroon and white striped wallpaper made it seem like we were hard-core Aggies trying to bring the 12th Man Spirit into our home. Plus, I'm just not a wallpaper person.

The green y'all have heard about so much is now before you. In all of its purity.

Makes me so happy :)


And the worst of them all... the leaf bathroom. It's like one of those Magic Eye things from the early 90's that if you stared at it long enough, an image would appear. If you stared at these leaves long enough, the image you would see is vomit and dog poop.


I think I may take a bath in my jacuzzi tub for the first time ever. That's a bathroom I can actually relax in :)


  1. it looks SOOO great! You did so good! I so proud.....your alterations so minor!

  2. Incredible. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Will you come decorate my house now?

  3. I can't believe how AWESOME it looks! But I personally would have left the psychedelic leaves... ;)

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Seriously can't express to you how much I do. I need to see it in person SO very soon!

  5. WOW! that is some wonderful transformations!
    i especially like the shelf/rail in your office.

  6. Look at you!!!!! Awesomeness. :)

  7. Love it all!! Esp that photo shelf/molding in the office!