Sunday, June 6, 2010

Give Me a Hug!

I am a bit of a spaz and sometimes I forget that celebrities/characters are not my real life friends, even though I feel like they are.

There are several peple that I feel like if I met them in real life, I would feel compelled to give them a hug.

Will Ferrell would totally get a hug. He pushes my funny buttons. He can just say a random sentence such as "I drive a Dodge Stratus" and then I just cannot stop laughing. Love him.

This is Kristin Chenoweth. She is a broadway star and she is all kinds of cute. I feel like if we were to meet in real life than we would have tons to talk about and we many even sing a song or two together.

This is Dr. Miranda Bailey. She is not real but I would really like it if she were. I would want her to be my doctor. She would totally give me a hug.

Ohhhh Detective Eliot Stabler. The protector. The tough guy. He is all hard and stuff but I think he would give me a hug, if he was a real person.

Amy Adams is very precious and fun and I think we would be good friends.

Amy Poehler and I would sit around and laugh and chat about all the funny moments in "Baby Mama" that I still quote all the time. We would get along great.

Annie Banks-McKenzie. I just need to tell her that she shouldn't have worn tennis shoes on her wedding day. That's all.

Okay this one may seem weird but William Shatner CRACKS ME UP. He is just silly. I would hug him.

I would give Jim Halpert a hug, and not because I am a little bit in love with him.

Hello, this is my best friend, Reese Witherspoon. We hug.

Ladies, I am officially a freak. A stalker, weirdo, freak.
But let's hear it. Who would you hug?

I KNOW I am not alone here.

And if I am alone, please lie to me and leave a comment with someone's name to make me feel better.


  1. Julie Andrews ... no question in my mind. If I could hug just one person that is only my friend in my head, it would TOTALLY be Julie Andrews.

  2. So weird - Reese is totally my best friend too! hah! LOVE her!

    I would also hug Matthew Perry, Zac effron and the guy who plays 'sheldon' in 'big bang theory'.

    Oh, and also Sarah Jessica Parker.

  3. I would totally hug Cam from Modern Family - he's a hilarious, big, gay teddy bear, and I'm sure we'd have a blast together! Is that weird? :)

  4. I would hug Brad Pitt, then would probably smack him for leaving Jen. I would totally hug Sandra Bullock, anyone who ever played for UK, George W. Bush, Josh Hartnett, Reese, Tommy Lee Jones, do you want me to keep going?

  5. Sandy Bullock would absolutely be at the top of my list. I mean really-- I've watched her dance scene in The Proposal enough to dance it myself. Julia Roberts... she's just so nice and normal. Jennifer Garner and I would for sure be best friends... I'd totally nanny for those cute kids of hers. I also love me some Oprah, and she's the queen of hugs in my book. And Drew Barrymore-- I really think that we would just be the best of friends. I think I'd like to add Hugh Grant as well.

    Lovely list!

  6. Reese for sure...and Carrie Underwood. :)

  7. DON'T LAUGH AT ME....

    I want to give Charlie Gibson a hug.