Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Lounging

Let me tell you what kind of weekend I have had.


It has been like a vacation!

This is largely due to the fact that I have been relaxing and napping and laying on couches and laying in beds with big comfy blankets. My soul is happy.

Let me break the weekend down for you:

Friday night the husband and I had a very fancy date night at Chili's. There's not much I love in life more than the queso at Chili's. I have a very close relationship with queso and Chili's queso and I may be the closest. We had a very special moment when our precious waiter was putting my plate down in front of me and he did the "accidental boob graze" and it was just all kinds of awkward.

Saturday morning we woke up and I made pancakes. I wish they were fluffier but, oh well. Then my dad came over and took my Grant away. They went hunting for 2 days with my uncles because they enjoy guns and camoflauge and things like that. So after I hugged and kissed him goodbye, I headed out to Cypress to spend some quality time with my mom. We had lunch at Newk's (HELLO POTATO SOUP) and then drove out to the outlet mall.

I got TWO pairs of shoes at Nine West. Both are great for work. And I found my black pumps! They are not pointy-toed but they are super cute and I think they'll work. I also went to Ann Taylor Loft (GLORY) and used the gift card Lindsee gave me for my birthday. I got a shirt and a pair of earrings for free :) Thanks for my Happy Birthday, Lou!

After we conquered the outlet mall, we went and picked up my sister Jaclyn and my niece Grace to get our toes down. Jaclyn and I got a pedicure. Grace got her toes painted and she was very intense and took the whole thing very seriously. She got her toes painted pink and also got a white flower.... she was so excited. A woman in the nail salon told Jaclyn that we were creating a monster.

I got my toes painted in my favorite OPI color called "I'm Not Really A Waitress". I am just ever so classy.

I left my mom's house and met Lindsee, Missy, and Amanda in the HEB parking lot where we witnessed a crime and became detectives. A tow truck was backing up and hit another pickup truck, causing alot of damage. He continued on with this business and we sat in that parking lot and stared at him until he finally did the right thing and wrote a note for the driver of the car he hit.

After we had done our civic duty, we went a-bowling. I was very impressed by Missy and Amanda's bowling skills. They have the spiritual gift of bowling. I bowled 2 strikes for the first time in the history of my bowling career. I also witnessed Amanda giving Lindsee a bowling lesson which was a highlight of the night for me. "It's LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT".

Then Missy met us for dinner at Texas Roadhouse (a typical choice for a girls' night dinner) and WE PUT DOWN SOME ROLLS. God bless the cinnamon butter. Being the grown-ups that we are, we all decided to get salads and steaks. Or, not. We all got Chicken Critters. Grown-ups, y'all. Grown-ups.

Missy took some fabulous pictures! I stole them off of her blog. Isn't she a great photographer?

I had such a great time with the girls! Then I came home and stayed up as late as I can which is what I do when I'm home alone without Grant. The later I stay up, the more tired I get and the easier it is for me to fall asleep. Sadly, I woke up several times throughout the night with bad dreams. :( I HATE that.

Sunday morning I got up and went to church all by my lonesome. Pastor Gregg preached a GREAT sermon and then I came home and got in comfy clothes. I ate Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (may His name be praised) took a nap, and lounged on my couch all afternoon. I watched a lifetime movie starring Kelly Preston. I watched The Holiday (see the blog post below about that movie) and I also got sucked into a marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. OH MY GOODNESS. I am now obsessed with that show. I love how she says things like "Ohmigod I am totally obsessed with this cape. This is the best cape ever. I can't handle it. Something just happened" with ZERO expression or enthusiasm in her voice. It's hi-larious.

And then I went over to see Jim, Liz and baby Lily girl. We ate Subway and went and got frozen yogurt and solved all the world's problems.

And then I came home. And then around midnight my husband came home in all his hunting gear and I made him take a shower.

And then this morning we had a breakfast date at Cracker Barrel. GOD BLESS OATMEAL AND BROWN SUGAR.

And then Grant went to play golf and I came and laid in bed and it's raining and it's perfect and peaceful. We've been doing absolutely nothing all day. I love me some rain.

I totally feel like I've had a vacation!!


  1. So sad I missed the girls night! Can't wait for another one. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! :)

  2. Seriously what an amazing weekend! I kind of felt like I was reliving a girly college weekend :) and I love it!!!!

    So so so sad to miss girls night and seeing you. We need to fix that ASAP!

  3. This weekend made my heart happy. Love you!