Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Just Started Typing and This is What Came Out

I have a heck of alot going on right now and I love it.

Kids' Choir started again last night at church! Oh my goodness... we had SO many kids... I was overwhelmed and excited and tired when it was all over. One little one ran to me and hugged me and said "Mrs. Judy, I missed you sooooooooooo much!". She called me Judy all year last year. Fine by me ;)

I'm also singing with the "big choir" for the big Christmas program in December. We've already started rehearsals and y'all I am having so much fun. I've always known I was a nerd but it was confirmed to me again when I got home from rehearsal on Saturday and Grant asked me if I had fun... my response was "YES! I had SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE to SIGHTREAD!!". Grant just stared at me and said "Wow, babe....". The big choir taps into a musical part of me that has been buried for a long time but I am just having a ball! I'm always up for spending the day singing Christmas music!

Although, I had a very embarassing situation on Saturday during rehearsal that involves a horrifying experience that took place when I unexpectedly had to change clothes in the same room as 9 women who were 65 and older. It is a bit "blog inappropriate" but let's just say that these women probably have now labeled me the hussy of the choir. I told Grant about it and he had another classic Grant response. "Nice, babe...."

Work is going well. For awhile there it was going not so well.. but things are on the upswing and I'm very happy. We have alot going on and I am busier than I've ever been but all in a good way.

Also on the horizon is the fall television season. For those of you that have been reading my blog since the early days, you know that television in our household is practically an event. However, this summer we have had nothing to watch except for "Bachelor Pad" and we all know that that is quality television. Elizabeth is a wack-a-doo. Straight up crazy. But I am greatly looking forward to the return of The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Community, Ellen, Oprah and How I Met Your Mother. This is going to be a good year for my shows, I can just feel it!!

I am also currently watching "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta" and that just makes me laugh so hard I can hardly stand it. I love Southern women. We just have a different way of saying things. "I can't believe I just found my dress, y'all. This is a big moment". Cracks me up.

God is good. He's been showing off lately. Our sweet Olivia Claire, our niece who is just over 2 months old, was hospitalized this weekend with Viral Meningitis. Poor baby girl.... thankfully the Lord has healed her and our prayers were answered. She left the hospital on Monday night and we are so thankful.

Alright this blog doesn't seem to have a direction or a purpose so I'm just gonna cut it off here. This was not one of my bests, y'all. Not one of my bests.

I leave you today with this nugget of ever-important wisdom from Jerry Seinfeld:

"Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God's final word on where your lips end".

Chew on that. Memorize it. Hide it in your heart.


  1. I've had a horrible morning sickness night and morning, but you my dear - you just managed to make me smile. THANK YOU. Love to read all about you. Also love the recap of the choir fitting. Hahaha!

  2. Who on earth called you Miss Judy????

    I had to laugh about the dress thing. I was not dressed for changing in front of people either. I opted to just put everything on OVER my clothes and go with it. Guess it is good to know when to choose Hanes over Victoria Secret!


    It was always my favorite part.

    So sorry you didn't get the granny panties memo.