Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gifts from My Dad

A few days ago, I started getting an onslaught of emails from facebook notifying me that my dad had tagged me in a photo. I got about 50 emails and they just kept coming. I logged in and found a treasure trove of old photos that my dad had uploaded. I have had SO MUCH fun (and embarassment!!) going through these.

One of my favorite things is the pictures of my mom and dad from their childhood and dating years.

This is an ADORABLE photo of my mom. How cute is she with her hat, purse, and gloves?! Happy Easter to little girl Cheryl :)

Um, how cool is this picture?! My mom is adorable!

I don't know the whole story but my mom's family had a horse/pony named Geronimo, and this was him. For you Houstonians, my mom grew up in the Spring Branch area, which is where this photo was taken.

This is 1974, the year my parents got married. They met in their youth group at Clay Road Baptist Church. My mom was best friends with my dad's sister. Little known fact: my parents got married when my mom was only 16 years old!! They were madly in love :)

Isn't she just beautiful!?

This is my mom's prom. She took her husband to her prom. Because she was married. Craziness!!

LOVE this picture :)

Oh, here we are. Shannon, Jaclyn and myself.

It only gets more embarassing :)

I remember this red dress.

This is especially wonderful. Oh, the 80's.

I remember this dress too!

This is Chuck E. Cheese who is very scary with his wonky eye.

This was obviously a super cool period of my life. The wicker, the collar, the hair. At a waterpark in Nebraska.
Hi, my name is Jen, and I just willingly posted embarassing pictures of myself all over the world wide web.


  1. I loved you then and I love you now. Even more.

    Also, I think your mom and Jaclyn have the exact same mouth/smile.


  2. You are a DOLL! Love the red dress... I had the wide collared floral dress and completed the look with a mullet!