Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mass Hysteria in Houston

This has been a weird week.

On Saturday, I went to the office and worked for TEN hours.

On Monday, I got to work at 7:45am and left work at 10:48pm.

On Tuesday, I was given a paid day off. (PRAISE THE LORD!!)

On Wednesday, I went to a seminar in the morning for work. We lost power 3 times during that seminar. Then after work I was supposed to have kids' choir but that was cancelled so we had a quiet evening at home.

Also, it is below freezing, here in Houston.

Yes, I live in Houston, Texas. It is below freezing. THAT IS WEIRD, Y'ALL.

So, I did go to work this morning, but we were dismissed at 1:00 because we live in Houston and when it gets icy here WE ALL JUST SEEM TO TURN INTO IDIOTS ON THE ROAD.

It's supposed to snow tonight and into tomorrow. One forecaster called for 4 inches of snow in the area we live in. I'll believe that when I see it.

And now there is a chance that we won't go into work tomorrow.

This has been a WEIRD week and I am COLD. I am currently wearing jeans, fuzzy socks, a long sleeved thermal shirt, a hoodie, and a giant pink fuzzy bathrobe that adds 20 layers of warmth to my life.

I told Grant I thought I may need to go to the grocery store to stock up on food.

Apparently I feel like we'll be trapped for weeks on end. Like I said, MASS HYSTERIA.

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