Thursday, March 24, 2011

And Now For Something Happier

Okay, I can't stand to leave a depressing post up on the blog too long. It just makes me sad. When I was trying to think of what to write about, I remembered that blog reader Marie sent me a facebook message reminding me that I haven't discussed my Idol predictions for this season! Marie, your wish is my command! :)
I'd like to start by saying that this is a VERY talented group. This season has been really enjoyable to watch because there is so much talent and I am LOVING the judges. They say helpful things, not hurtful things. Let's just get right into it:

Pia Toscano - The One With the Voice
Pia is beautiful, poised, and the girl can sing a song. She is the ultimate power-ballad singer. I'm pretty sure she is going to sing her way to the top if she sticks with Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. When she belts out those high notes, it sounds so effortless. I'm impressed.

Lauren Alaina - The Talented Little Spitfire
I'm not gonna lie, I like Lauren. She has a great voice and a ton of personality. I'm not sure that she'll win, but I think she'll have a career. She is still very young and has some maturing to do, but the voice speaks (sings) for itself. She's good. Really really good.

Thia Megia- The One Who Should've Been A Disney Princess

Okay... THIA IS SEVEN KINDS OF ADORABLE. She is so elegant and poised and I can totally see her on Broadway in a few years. I can also see her with her own show on the Disney channel... and that's not to say that she isn't a contender. She is. She is consistent and powerful and pretty and seems to take direction well. I see a bright future for this sweet girl.

Stefano Langone - The Dark Horse Ladies and gentlemen, this boy blew me away. When he was "singing for his life" a few weeks back and sang "I Need You Lord".... JEN THE NEWLYWED WAS IMPRESSED. I came really close to giving him a standing ovation from my living room but I stopped because I was comfortable and didn't want to come out from under my blanket and get cold. The thing is, the kid has a fantastic set of pipes. When he sings, you can tell that he is doing what he was born to do. He SOARS and I feel like America is just starting to see just how good he is. I would not be surprised if he is in the Top 5.

Scotty McCreery - The One Who Sings Out of the Corner Of His Mouth And Leans to One Side
Take a good look at this photo. This is how Scotty sings every song that he sings. He leans to his right, holds the mic with his right hand (awkwardly) and sings out of the right corner of his mouth. Look, I know he has a low range and that's all well and good, BUT MR. SCOTTY MCCREERY MAKES ME CRAZY. He is clearly a Josh Turner fan and wants to be just like him. But we already have the real Josh Turner and he is fantastic. And really, really, really attractive. I think Scotty is a good singer but he annoys me. Sorry, had to say it. Maybe if he made everything a bit more symmetrical and gave his left side some time I would calm down a bit. Otherwise, I'm ready for him to go.

Paul McDonald - The One Who Needs To Have His Guitar With Him At All Times
If he doesn't have his guitar with him, he hops around on one leg and looks like a weirdo. This happens alot with guys that are used to having a guitar when they perform.... they don't know what to do without it. He is soooo unique and very radio-friendly. He's more of a singer-songwriter and I don't think Idol is his best platform.... but I think it'll get his name out there enough for him to get his own record deal. I like him, he's fun.

Naima Adepado - The One Who Has Dance Solos

In all of my American-Idol-Watching years, I've never seen a contestant who breaks out into all out dance solos. I'm not talking about a step-touch, step-touch, snap your fingers, bend your knees kinda dancing. I'm talking about 20 seconds of jumping, spinning, leg-kicking madness. It's bizarre. She will not win. Her voice isn't that good and she just has too much going on.

James Durbin - The One Who I Think is a Bit Overrated
I think James has a good voice, I've just never been falling off the couch in amazement. He should be the lead singer of a band.... he definitely has alot of power, but I'm never that impressed with his musicality. He won't win.

Jacob Lusk - The One Who Needs to Calm Down
Up until last night, I was irritated with Jacob. I was irritated because I think he is SO GOOD but he always over-did every song he sang and it ruined it. Finally, last night, he sang a song and just sang it straight (without all his crazy antics) and I LOVED IT. If he keeps it a bit smoother, he'll go far. He's got a God-given gift.

Haley Reinhart- The One Who is a Bit Under-Rated

I think Haley is really, really, really talented. Her voice is unique and she has complete control. She would be a fantastic recording artist and I think they've been a little tough on her. I've been really impressed, personally, and think that she is one of the better voices on the show. She doesn't have enough buzz around her, so I don't think she'll win, but I think the judges need to ease up on her a bit. She does really difficult things in her performances and makes them look easy. That is hard to do.

Casey Abrams - The One Who Is a Legitimate Musician
It's been awhile since we've had an honest-to-goodness MUSICIAN on American Idol. This boy is amazing. He plays several instruments and plays them well. He first got my full attention during the Hollywood round where he played an up-right bass. He doesn't really belong on Idol, but I think he is amazing. He COULD win...... Top 5 for sure.

Lauren, Casey, Stefano, Pia, and Thia will go far. Those are my predictions :)
So what do you think? Who are your favorites? And when will Scotty lean to the left?


  1. 100% agree with you on Mr. Scotty! ugh ! annoying :)

  2. we are so sisters, I think your very thoughts were running through my mind while I watched last night.

    Yes, Pia is up there with Celine. Thia SHOULD have a disney show, yes. Scotty needs to stop it. Paul is enjoyable when his guitar limits his movements. I love Casey.

  3. Thank you...thank you!! I enjoy your perspective...while I do disagree with you some! I actually like Scotty, I find him easy to listen to....however I don't get Casey or Jacob Luskt. I'm sure it's talent, but I don't like listening to them and Pia is boring. I would buy some of her songs but I don't think I'd go to a show like I would Celine. I'm not musically "gifted" though so it's just a laymans 2cents. I also don't vote!

  4. This post seriously makes me wish I watch American Idol.

  5. No, No, No, No. I think Stefano and Thia need to go. They do have great voices but not "up there" with the big dogs. Plus, I think Thia and Pia are both b-o-r-i-n-g. I love Lauren but I don't think she'll win. And Scotty won't win either. Jacob is really good, but not my style. I think Naima wants it more than anyone - but then who wouldn't if you thought you may have to go back to cleaning toilets!! I think the Top 5 will be James, Casey, Pia(boring but good), Jacob, and most likely Paul! And don't tell anyone.....but I secretly have a crush on Steven Tyler! :-)