Friday, March 11, 2011

More About New York

So, why New York?

Grant and I have been married for over 4 years.

We took a honeymoon to Puerto Rico.

We spent one evening in Biloxi, Mississippi in 2007.

In 2008, we spent one evening in San Antonio.

In 2010, we spent two evenings in Bastrop, Texas.

.....and that's it.

We have been on other trips, but every trip we have taken has been with family.

It's been way too long since we've had a nice, long, vacation... just the two of us. We'll be there 4 nights and 5 days.

We chose New York because:

1. Grant has never been there

2. There is a ton to do

3. There is a ton to eat


5. Shopping

6. Again, food.

7. We found some cheap tickets

8. We don't have to rent a car

WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM. All I ever do lately is plan for New York.

So, people, if you have been to New York, where is your favorite place to eat? Give me some good ideas! I have been to New York several times but it has been almost ten years since I've been.

Please, share :)


  1. I had a New York trip all planned and then I got pregnant :(. It is the next place we are going! I'm way jealous.

  2. So excited for y'all! Only been there twice but we went to a precious place called:

    Cafe Lalo (from movie You've got mail)

  3. I love love love New York! Subway kinda freaked me out but I loved almost everything about it. I took the tour on the double decker bus during the day and at night. Totally different feel.

  4. You don't know me...I know your mom...I'm such a stalker...but you have to get pizza at lombardis! I would recommend pepperoni, mushroom, and red onion!

  5. Burgers at Shake Shack. Best burger ever. Cupcakes at Crumbs. Pizza at Grimaldi's (under the Brooklyn Bridge). Cheesecake at Carnagie Deli.

    I'm drooling.

  6. Uuuuum, Letterman taping duh. The asnwer is the "Hello Deli"! ;). I love you.

  7. JentheNewlywed, New York is the WRONG DIRECTION. You turn LEFT from Houston, not right, to get to Portland.

    But now that you're hopelessly disoriented and GOING THE WRONG WAY, have so much fun! I adore New York. My best friend from law school lived there for years. I couldn't begin to tell you where we went (except Broadway and the Met), but I love that city. You and the hubster have a good time!!

  8. Jen - I would recommend a food and culture walking tour in Greenwich Village. It was my favorite part of our trip to NYC a few years ago.
    Check out the link below:

    Have fun and enjoy!!