Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today Is Not Going Well...

Oh, man. Today has not been a good day.

Even before 8am, today has not been a good day. I'm not going to get into why.

What I will tell you is that on the way to work, I immediately started thinking about all the things that make me feel better.

What makes Jen feel better when she is not doing so well?

Well, this video for one thing:

And also the following, because I like to eat my feelings:

God bless carbohydrates. Amen.


  1. oh, that video made me laugh!!! i don't remember that scene....

    praying you're smiling now. :)

  2. That video made my own day about a million times better! That is one of my top favorite scenes off all times-- I can remember first seeing it and rewinding (because yes, I did record every episode, pre-fancy schmancy DVR) and crying from laughing so hard. It was the best!

    Amen to eating our feelings through carbs! I hope your day looks up from here on out :)

  3. Sorry you had a bad morning!!! I hope your day is turning around. :) I wish I had a chocolate chip cookie right now, reaaaaal bad!!

  4. I'm cracking up! When I need a laugh, I always think of the scene from Friends where Ross buys the couch and has Rachel and Chandler help him move it. "PIVOT!" Ahhh, I love Friends.

    I also love Mac and Cheese...mmmmm.

  5. My husband is bringing me some carbs home. Chocolate brownies from Randalls they are the very best.