Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Very Pleased

Well, it's been a long morning, but I am just thrilled. I woke up and turned on the television just in time to see the families arriving at the Abbey. Everyone looked beautiful. The HATS WERE INSANE but I'm willing to let it slide because THE PRINCESS LOOKED AMAZING.

I was worried that Kate would choose something less regal than I imagined) but I was so, so excited to see her in this!

Just the right amount of train. Beautiful lace. A beautiful, full skirt.
It was elegant and classy and tasteful and I feel that when she looks at these pictures 50 years from now she will be pleased with her choice. The dress didn't overwhelm her but it was still perfectly princess-like.

I REALLY enjoyed how her veil was so thin and sheer. It didn't obscure her face and I'm so glad. I also really liked that her bouquet was so dainty and small! 

And oh, the tiara. THANK YOU, PRINCESS! It is BEAUTIFUL and was loaned to her by the Queen. I also thought the earrings were a surprising choice but were very fitting. Oh, she is just so beautiful!

Also, I have to say that I felt that Pippa's dress was GORGEOUS.

Oh look, it's our Newlyweds! They do seem very happy and in love. There ceremony was very formal but that is how I expect the royal ceremonies to go.

Oh, my goodness. I loved every minute of it. I clapped and smiled as I sat on my couch in the dark with my big brown blanket in my pajamas :)

Hooray! Prince William has his Princess!

I was worried this morning when I woke up that I was going to be disappointed somehow with the way this all went down, but I was so pleasantly surprised! HOORAY FOR ROYAL WEDDINGS!!

What did you think? 


  1. I whole-heartedly agree! I was up at 4am Boston-time, so basically as soon as the coverage began. There were tears when Wills and Harry made their appearance... and when Kate exited The Goring Hotel with her dad... and when she walked down the aisle... and during the vows. Basically I shed a bunch of happy tears for a gorgeous couple that I do not know, but who cares?! It was a Royal wedding! There were tiny bridesmaids and fabulous hats and coattails and the most perfect-for-Kate dress... and the tiara. Alleluia for that tiara! I was 100% with you on this-- she just HAD to wear this, for all of us!

    A perfectly lovely wedding for a lovely couple. And I clapped and waved right back at them, just an fyi :)

  2. I totally agre, her dress was timeless and so beautiful on her! The whole wedding was sooo perfect and loved watching it :-)

  3. Jen - I love you and your blogs :)

    That is all!

  4. First, I love all your blog posts and this one is excellent.

    Second, the earrings were a gift from her parents for the wedding (so I heard, because I'm insane and when I got up at 5am with Marco for a feeding I stayed awake instead of going back to sleep.)

    Third, they are technically the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (you have to say it in an English accent for it's full effect.) ta da!

    I like to comment in list form
    nowadays. And I'm so sorry about that. Wonderfully written and great pictures!

  5. Hands down, stunning!!! She is a princess, with or without the crown! Her entire look from the dress, to her hair, to the flowers, was classic, elegant, and timeless!

    Oh, I've been having so much fun today watching all the coverage! I tear up every.single.time I see her walk down the aisle. And when William sees her! And when they kiss! And when they get in the carriage! on!

    I loved it! Such an amazing day!

    PS- Pippa is SO GORGEOUS! I think she should marry Prince Harry :o)

  6. I was up at 3AM watching all the coverage. After 36 hours of tornado, it was just what my heart needed. Stunning. Beautiful. In love. PERFECTION!!