Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It seems like everybody is going through something right now.

Everyone I talk to, including yours truly, is walking through their own brand of muck and yuck and sometimes I think we all have the summertime blues.

It's okay to go through a funk. It's normal. But climbing out of the pit is a decision, a choice, and a necessity.

Remember this: someone else has it worse. What you're going through is not the worst thing that you could be going through. It's happening for a reason, and more importantly, for a season. This too shall pass. It's not going to be like this forever.

You can choose to do something good with it. You can choose to give it to God, to release it. To submit to His will.

PRAY ABOUT IT. Pray about it, pray about it, pray about it. Ask Him to give you peace. Pray that your attitude would change.

Talk to a friend. Seek wise counsel.

SEEK HIM. Seek Him in the scriptures. Read through the Psalms.

One of my favorite Elisabeth Elliot quotes:

"A merciful Father strips us as a tree is stripped of its blossoms before it can bear fruit. He is not finished with us yet, whatever the losses we suffer."

and another from Mrs. Elliot...

"What a joy it is to obey this Lord, who provides us with His Spirit to counsel and empower us and who ensures that everything that happens to us, even the cyclone that brings nothing but destruction, has come through the hedge of His love before it reaches us."

Pray about it. Seek Him. Talk to a girlfriend.

And by all means... eat some chocolate.

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  1. You are absolutely right! Thank you for the perfectly timed blog!