Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten O'Clock Tacos

We've been doing Houston Project every night this week. It's been GREAT, but let me tell you.... when we get home we are TIRED and we are HUNGRY.

When I type in ALL CAPS I am hoping that you will get that I am speaking EMPHATICALLY but I am not YELLING AT YOU.

Anyhoo, when we get home it is after 9:30 and I try to whip up a quick meal for me and my darling, handsome husband.

Tonight, we ate tacos.

I believe that tacos at 10:00 at night is the best time to eat a taco. It takes me back to the nights at Taco C with my friends at 2 in the morning. (Tortillas and queso, anyone?)

Anyways, tonight was great. We had some major hiccups with transportation. We pick kids up from various apartment complexes in the area. Problem was, our bus broke down tonight, and someone clipped the battery out of the van. So we were a little perplexed. But seriously, by the power of prayer, we got the bus up and running and we got over 50 kids to VBS! They are so cute.

I lead opening assemblies. I do cool dance moved. Like the robot. It's legit.


  1. #1. This sounds like such a neat program to be involved in, the Houston Project. All of your involvement with your church and the community says so much about your character!
    #2. I've taught my boyfriend that there is not a THING wrong with tacos at 10pm :)

  2. Taco C - oh the memories- in fact Matthew and I made a Taco C run not too long ago and ate just that - queso and tortillas! :)

  3. Conn made a Taco C run for us the other night. Mmmmmm...... :)