Saturday, October 1, 2011

A+ for October

October is starting off in the best possible fashion: COOL.

As 2011 has broken every heat record here in Houston, we have been praying for rain and for some relief.  When I walked outside this morning to walk the dog, I felt BREEZE and crisp, COOL air! I couldn't stop smiling. Seriously, it was like a whole new world. When Moxie and I go on long walks, I usually sing (quietly) to myself and this morning my songs were "A Whole New World" from Aladdin (naturally) and "What Joy" by Generation Church. You gotta keep some variety in there :)

Many of you have asked which movie I chose to watch. I am happy to announce that I watched both :) I watched Fried Green Tomatoes last night and Sense & Sensibility this morning. The first film makes me want to yell "Tawanda!" all the time and the second film has made me want to name my house. I really like the fact that every estate and cottage had a name. Perhaps I will talk to Grant about what we could name our house. I'm assuming we will end up with a name of a golf course. "Blackhorse." "Houstonian." "Bethpage." Something along those lines.

I would prefer to call it the Magic Kingdom, but that's just me.

What would you name your house?


  1. Totally watched Fried Green Tomatoes while crafting the night way yesterday! Tawanda shall always make my day :)

  2. Totally feel ya! We also live in Houston and it's so nice to get that little smidget of cool weather! Please check out my blog.