Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Girls, We May Be Jumping the Gun

It happens every year.

Houston has a few days where the high is 85 degrees and we just go bonkers.

We bust out our cable-knit sweaters, scarves, and let's be honest.... boots.

On the one hand, I am quick to jump to our defense because WE TAKE WHAT WE CAN GET HERE. Not to mention we've been wearing our summer clothes since April and we are flat out tired of wearing the same thing every day. (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?)

However, I also have to remind us that the short burst of cool, breezy air is definitely a relief from the brutal heat, but this first one always fades away. I've lived in Houston a loooooooong time and we always seem to climb back up into some warmer temperatures later in the month. And then we're going to be miserable in our cute jackets and scarves.

I hope I'm wrong.

I hope this beautiful weather is here to stay.

BELIEVE ME, I have a Burberry scarf that I am just dying to wear.

As long as we're willing to sweat it out, I say let's just buck up and pull on our tall, leather boots.

I am currently wearing long sleeves.

Have you pulled out your fall wardrobe yet?



  1. Yes, but hey. I'm in Montana, so don't guess that counts. ;-)

  2. I'm here in Houston too. I haven't pulled my fall clothes out just yet, but I sure do have 4 sweaters on the way from Victoria Secret! It will be a real shame it it's 90 degrees when they get here. I may just have to turn the a/c down and pretend ;o)

    And AMEN the summer clothes need to go! I'm done subjecting people to my pasty white legs, lol!!!

    Come on Fall!!!

  3. In Tennessee...we had a few cool days and it's back in the mid 80's. Nonetheless, I told my work peeps that beginning Monday, October 3rd I would be dressing as if it is fall. I'm over summer and the dreadful clothes that go along with it. I've stuck to my word.