Saturday, March 31, 2012

Am I Officially in the Mom Club Now?

After 6 good years and 100,000 miles in my little Honda Accord, we traded it in and came home last night with this:

A Ford Explorer! 

As I sat in the driver's seat, I turned around and said "Whoa. There's gonna be a baby back there."

I've known for awhile now that the Honda wasn't going to be with us for forever, so any minor repairs were just tolerated since we didn't want to spend any more money on that car. For instance, I could no longer push a button on my keys to unlock or lock the car. I had to do that manually.

So, Grant has been making fun of me since this Explorer has all these crazy features and I'm seem to be most giddy about the dang remote lock from the keys!! I also exclaimed, "Look how big these cup holders are!!" 

For me, it's the little things :) 

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  1. You are most definitely in the "mom club" now. Love the comment about's definitely one of the first things that I look for!