Friday, March 8, 2013

Disney 2013: It's Different With a Baby

Oh, Disney World. What a magical place you are. We've been so many times, and this time was SO. VERY. DIFFERENT. Going to the parks with a 7 month old was a whole new experience! So here's the thing... these pictures are not in order so we'll be bouncing around a bit as far as timelines go. Just bear with me :)

Both trips, Ellie slept on the flight for the first hour. The rest of the time we had to keep her occupied. She really did fantastic though. Everyone was telling me how good she was. 

One flight attendant even gave her wings and as we began our descent she came on the PA system and said that the flight crew would like to thank Ellie for choosing Southwest Airlines :)

This was taken after Ellie had a little incident in the park and needed a change of clothes. She is very excited to be wearing jeggings for the first time. 

Seeing this never gets old. I love this castle. 

I had a plan to get a picture of Ellie in front of the castle, but that never happened. That's because our day in the Magic Kingdom was not our best day. It was hot, Ellie was not having it, she screamed a lot and SHE NEVER TOOK A NAP IN HER STROLLER NOT EVEN ONCE. Oh my goodness. Ellie with ZERO naps is not a very good Ellie. It was not her happiest day. Plus, our trip was cut short since my sister-in-law got sick and we were all taken out of the park in a Disney van out a back exit of the park. It was probably for the best though. Ellie wasn't thinking that this was the happiest place on earth!

 One of the best parts of the trip is spending time with our nieces and nephew. Evan and Emmy turned 4 while we were there and I so love spending time with those precious little munchkins.

Isn't Emmy just beautiful?!

This was our last night of the trip. We took a boat to dinner at Downtown Disney. It was downright chilly!

Ellie did a little better in Epcot. We stayed at the hotel that morning and let her get a good morning nap since she refused to sleep in her stroller. This picture kills me. She loves to prop up her feet!

Ellie and her Baba got some great bonding time on this trip!! She's the baby whisperer :)

Oh, our Olivia Claire. The curls. I can't handle her cuteness. She's a ham and she and Ellie really bonded on this trip too. Ellie LOVES her Livi. They are only 2 years apart so we're pretty sure they will be good buddies a few years down the road....

Epcot. The giant golf ball. 


Mr. Evan Charles. 4 years old. That smile.... he is just too much. He says the funniest things and he still gives great hugs. He loves his "Guncle Grant" and he is ALL BOY. 

This was the only smiling pic I got on Magic Kingdom day. The onesie is an Etsy purchase. 

Three generations. The dad life!

Chase and Ronda's kiddos were KNOCKED OUT. Love this pic. Disney World is exhausting!

My sleepy girl!

They aren't fancy at all. Isn't this what everyone wears when they eat hot dogs?

Ellie just loved being with her cousins!

This girl traveled by plane, train, bus, boat and car. What a trooper!

We only rode 2 rides with her the whole time we were in the parks. And, let me tell you, SHE DID NOT LIKE THEM. She sobbed. Big tears. I felt so bad... I don't want to traumatize her! She held on to me so tight. Poor darling girl. She really didn't want anything to do with the parades either. 

Now, what she DID like.... watching her cousins dance. Amazed. 

These kiddos are looking so old....

The curliest girl in all the land....

My little Minnie Mouse girl...

The leg!

We really did have such a good time! The first day was rough but we soooo love being with family that it makes it all worth it. We know we'll bring Ellie back soon and she'll love it. She just needs to nap a little better next time :)

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  1. What precious memories! Just clicked over from the SSMT to say Hello. I just love macaroni and cheese. Have a blessed day--Janet Reeves