Friday, July 19, 2013

Ellie's First Birthday Party


Our Ellie Paige is ONE.

How do we have a one year old? I do not know. But somehow, according to the calendar, she is 12 months. This year has been amazing and funny and scary and tiring and worth it. So very worth it.

We had a small, family party at my parents' house for Ellie's first birthday. We grilled burgers and hot dogs. Grant said a prayer thanking the Lord for Ellie Paige, and then the party commenced! It was so fun to have everyone together under one roof. Ellie seemed a little overwhelmed at first, but all of a sudden her little personality couldn't help but shine through. 

Plus, she loves presents. She's not ashamed to admit that.

We were so thankful for the guests from out of town that traveled such a long way to celebrate our girl. The theme was butterflies!

The cutest banner from Etsy:

My mom found these precious butterflies at Garden Ridge:

 The goody bags for her cousins:

 Her special birthday dress. (Also an Etsy purchase!)

Getting her new car from Grammy & Pops, while her cousins Scarlett and Juliet share in her excitement.

 I think she was pretty pleased!

The cake was made by Virginia's Cakes! Marble cake with a butter cream frosting. My fave! Virginia also made our wedding cake. Full circle moment.

 The girl and her daddy.

 Time for cake!!

Oh my goodness. She was oh-so-very confused while all her people sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She stared at us with the funniest face. I couldn't stop laughing.

 Not sure.

"Okay.... this is pretty good!"

 After cake, the birthday girl took herself a birthday nap upstairs while the rest of the party took themselves outside. The kids swam and played on the swing set while the adults sat around and visited. 

It really was so wonderful. We are so thankful for how our friends and family love our sweet girl. 

On to the toddler years!

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