Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Precious

Here it is, in all of its glory.

The Dyson Animal. 

And y'all, the post I typed below... that's exactly how that went down. I was just sitting and blogging and being dramatic about the dog hair situation and Grant walked in holding it over his head like Simba. And my jaw dropped and I ran and hugged him and kissed him 18 times.

You never feel more like an adult than when you find yourself getting nearly to the point of tears over an EVER LOVING VACUUM CLEANER.

The thing is, we can't afford this thing. It's a pretty penny. Well, it's a multitude of pretty pennies. I kept saying "I can't believe you did this" over and over again. I mean really. We are budget conscious right now so this was a huge shock. At one point I said to him "Well, this will be my birthday present, too." He blankly stared at me and said "I am not getting you a vacuum cleaner for your birthday." Smart man. 

We sat together on the couch and assembled all the pieces. I wanted to use it immediately so badly but Ellie was taking a nap and while I was eager to try this new little addition to our family, I wasn't so eager as to wake up the sleeping beauty.

My friend Erica posted on Facebook that the first time they used their Dyson Animal, she was appalled at the result and that I should be prepared to be grossed out at the filth we had been living in.


Why have any of you been friends with us?

How as CPS not come to take our baby away?

Seriously. It is SO gross. GROSS. And it's not just the dog hair. I just can't even. It's horrifying.

That being said, I've vacuumed more in the last 36 hours than I have in all of 2013. I am a vacuuming machine. It's a little frustrating as Ellie wants to be a part of the vacuuming experience by chasing after me and grabbing the cord and nearly getting her precious fingers in the way but I am making it happen.

This thing is powerful. It sucks. And I mean that it the very best way.

May this be a declaration that I am not going to let us live in this filth any longer. 

Now, the clean, dry clothes that have lived in the dryer since Monday evening.... that's another story. Folding and putting away clothes is my kryptonite. My plan is to keep ignoring it for the time being.

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