Monday, October 28, 2013

One Night Before Bedtime

One night, I found this little girl in the utility room, peering in at the dryer, watching the clothes go round and round.

Then she toddled over to me, holding her bunny by the ears, and said "Hi, Mommy!"

The same bunny that her Aunt Jaclyn gave me when I was about 9 weeks pregnant.

We didn't even know if she was a boy or a girl. We hadn't even really announced it.

And here she is. In my laundry room. Holding her bunny. Saying "Hi, Mommy" and grabbing my face and kissing me.

And then my heart nearly explodes.

And the next morning, at 6:40am, she wakes up, hollering for "nummy nummy". And I walk in and ask her if she remembers that phase of her life when she slept till 8am for a few weeks. And then she laughed at me.

I'm just really thankful. 

That's all. 

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