Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tis the Season to be Overwhelmed

It's late October. The calendar is filling up. The end of year tax bills are coming in. I'm getting catalogs in the mail that remind me that it's time to start Christmas shopping. The church Christmas program is in full swing when it comes to rehearsals and various time commitments. And also, I have a toddler who is walking now and is all over the place and this mama is tired.

At the same time, I love this time of year (mainly because of the big temperature drop) and I love Christmas music and wearing scarves. I love being with family. I love that this year Ellie will be able to experience Christmas a bit more. I love being with all of our nieces and nephews.  It's just getting to that point that is stressful.

So, today, I'm determined to make a list. A to-do list. I need to start Christmas shopping. We need to nail down travel details. We need to get our ducks in a row about childcare for Ellie while I'm in rehearsals all this time for the Christmas Celebration. Ever since Ellie has been in our lives, I have learned something about myself: LOGISTICS MAKE ME PANIC. As we have gotten used to the long car rides and packing all shapes and sizes of bags and portable food and snacks and diapers and wipes and socks and change of clothes and working with nap schedules and eating schedules, I can get myself ALL KINDS of worked up. Seriously. It's something I've got to calm down about. I get so worked up about the logistics of an event that I really can't enjoy the actual event.

Which is why my goal this year is to not panic and breathe and enjoy the holidays and all that goes along with it. I'll just try to be more proactive this year and less last minute.

I've even already purchased wrapping paper. See? ON TOP OF IT, Y'ALL.

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