Monday, March 24, 2014

Conquering a Monday

This weekend was so fun! On Friday, Ellie and I spent the majority of our day out in Cypress. We had been in our own house all day, every day last week so we needed a change of scenery. So we headed to Grammy's house since Dean was there. Ellie loves her Dean. We spent the day with Grammy and Dean, and even went to get ice cream. Friday night was a fun treat for me as I got to have dinner with my best friend Lindsee and her family as well as her extended family. After almost 30 years of friendship, her Colorado family kinda feels like extended family to me too! Plus, we ate Mexican food and there's always great joy where there is tortilla chips.

Saturday started out a little rough. Ellie woke up in a horrible mood. HORRIBLE. We butt heads all morning long. I was mad, she was mad. At one point I texted my girlfriends and told them that I wanted to just get into a hot air balloon and just drift off into the clouds and go where the wind takes me. It just wasn't good. I put her to bed and we both took a good long nap. When she woke up, we were both different people! Grant came home and the 3 of us took a little drive downtown to Discovery Green. Ellie had the best time. There was a little playground and a splash pad. She has never experienced a splash pad before, and we let her run around with her clothes on! She had a good time, as you can see:

After we got home that night, Tiffany came over and the 2 of us girls had dinner at Zoe's and then went to see Divergent. I have read the whole trilogy and was really pleased that the movie was very, very close to the book. It followed it almost exactly. Of course, they have to cut out some of the storyline for time, but all in all it was a very well done movie and I can't wait for the sequel next year. Also, we ate popcorn and M&Ms and that's really all I need for an excellent Saturday night.

Tiff spent the night so we had a late night slumber party and then everyone slept in the next day, including Ellie. Thank You, Jesus. Ellie then spent the rest of her Sunday with Grammy, Pops, Grace and Dean while Grant, Tiffany, Justin and I went to the final day of the Houston Rodeo. It was so fun to watch the rodeo events and enjoy a great concert (Zac Brown Band) with great friends. And then we went to pick up Ellie who was still wide awake and playing with her cousins and she was on quite the adrenaline high. She loves her people. And then we came home and all three of us crashed. CRASHED, I tell you.

So this morning I woke up with a plan and some motivation. I decided to attack the day. I decided to rejoice and be glad, and get things accomplished. Time for some productivity people! I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, went to the grocery store, cleaned out the fridge, showered, mapped out my week, and now I've been sitting in my favorite chair with my favorite blanket, doing my Bible study and having a little time of worship and prayer. I am so thankful for days like this. Not to mention that my little toddler girl is polar opposite today of what she was Saturday morning. Saturday morning: impatient and uncooperative. This morning: delightful and silly. And for this we are very thankful. 

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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