Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Night Special

Friday night we ate Chickfila and watched Gold Rush. Because we are wild and crazy party people.

Saturday morning we had a relaxing morning and then took a little family trip to the zoo.

This was my attempt at a Mommy/Daughter pic with Ellie. She wasn't in the mood.

 The zoo was fun! It wasn't too crowded and she is really loving seeing all the animals. I wish it had been a little sunnier but we had a great time. She points at each animal and says what sound they make. The Houston Zoo has a baby elephant that is two weeks old and he is so cute I could just die. 

Here's Ellie Paige exploring the zoo!

She loved the aquarium. Her daddy loves to teach her about fish.

We stayed out a little later than usual. She was so, so very sleepy when we got in the car. She was awake most of the drive home but slept when we were 7 minutes away from the house. I woke her up when we got home and put her straight into her crib for her nap.

Well, apparently that 7 minute nap in the car was enough for her. She laughed, played, and clapped in her bed for an hour and a half. And then she got mad. And then I pulled her out of her bed. And she had a great time. And mama was tired. See?

Oh my goodness. She was cracking me up. Well, first I was irritated. And then it got funny. Cause she was eating those goldfish crackers very enthusiastically. And I was just done so I just kept giving them to her. Mom of the year, right here.

I spent the afternoon getting work done around the house. Then, after she finally went to bed, I ran to TJ Maxx to check out their purse situation cause I have something in mind that I can not find anywhere for less than $100. Which I am not willing to spend. And I didn't find it at TJ Maxx.

But I did find a lovely wrap at TJ Maxx and I purchased it for $19.99 thank you very much. 

Then I came home and made tacos and we watched "About Time" starring Rachel McAdams. Or, as my iPhone auto-correct calls her, Rachel Macadamia. It was SO. GOOD. And sweet. And it had a wonderful message. I highly recommend! 

Ohhhhh daylight savings. It takes on such new meaning as parents. We woke her up this morning - she seemed so confused - but I was volunteering in the church nursery this morning so I had to be there on time. They were practicing the evacuation drill this morning in the preschool suite so we had to get all the babies outside safely and it was quite the scene! I saw Ellie and her class down the way and she seemed to think she was on some great adventure. 

After church we had lunch with our sweet friends, the Fullers, and then we came home and all 3 of us napped! Ellie went straight to bed and Grant and I watched a golf tournament and fell asleep. Just like old times. 

And then she woke up and then we woke up and cleaned the house and made dinner and played and sang songs and it was just lovely.

And now you've read an entire recap of our weekend. Aren't you so glad?

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