Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October, It Took You Long Enough

Oh, friends. It's here. October is here.

You know what October means? It means we are pretty certain to have at least one chilly-ish day. I can't wait. I have mentioned before that I feel like I am more attractive in clothes that are more covering, so I am ready for the boost of self-esteem that cooler temps bring to my everyday life. There are darling outfit combinations in my closet that have been crying out to be worn since February.

Also, I haven't gotten the Fall decorations down from the attic yet, but I did throw some pumpkins on the mantle.

Tonight, Grant and I had a lovely little dinner conversation. We discussed one of those hypothetical, never-gonna-happen scenarios... I asked him the following:

If you could take 3 trips in the next year, the first being within your state, the next being within your country, and the next being somewhere internationally, where would you go?

(Fair warning: this conversation topic will undoubtedly lead to you looking at flight costs online.)

His answer:

In Texas: Some small town somewhere that we haven't heard of
In America: Boston
Internationally: Ireland, Scotland, or "somewhere with cliffs that I can play golf"

My answer:

In Texas: Round Top
In America: Washington DC or something historical (I've got a bit of a history bug lately... I need to go to museums or historical places that have been around since before 1900. I'm weird.) Or, on a totally different playing field... Los Angeles.
Internationally: LONDON (again, my need for somewhere with a lot of history)

In case you're wondering, flights in November to Boston on United are actually quite reasonable!

Anyways, it was a fun conversation over a delicious meal cooked by Grant and it was a fun little journey across the world. We spent a lot of time on Google Maps!

So where would you go?

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  1. Go with Grant! Come to Boston! I mean, I even have a little event that involves an aisle, a big fancy dress and a gorgeous cake going on in November ;)

    I so remember being over the moon happy about fall FINALLY arriving in Texas. Even if it was still 80 degrees, it was OCTOBER! There was HOPE! :)