Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Face is On Fire

Oh, hi, hello. Hi there. I'm just sitting here in a sea of kleenex. What are you doing?

I had a fantastic, refreshing, rejuvenation, fun time at the Women's Retreat this weekend... packed with truth and a good Word. Just what I needed.

And then I walked out of that hotel and my face exploded.

The allergies have arrived. They are here with a vengeance.

My allergies are all like "Oh, look, it's finally cool enough for Jen to tolerate being outside and enjoy God's creation with her family! She's gonna bask in the sunlight and celebrate Fall! Let's attack her and make her decide to stay inside till December!"

I sneeze approximately 51 times per hour.

I am super attractive.

I am overdosing on drugs like I'm at a rave in the late 90's. Hard core Zyrtec and snorting that nasal spray like I've hit my rock bottom.

Perhaps I shouldn't have gone to Dewberry Farms today with my family and stood around animals and hay and grass and pastures. It was like Allergy Mecca.

Also, antihistamines make me hungry with a hunger that can not be satisfied.

I'm supposed to be making a grocery list right now so I can go to the store tomorrow with a plan. However, I don't think I can go outside anymore because I am afraid I might die. I want my groceries delivered. And yes, I looked into that grocery delivery service but they don't deliver to my zip code yet (WHY? I live in a highly populated neighborhood in Houston... GET IT TOGETHER INSTACART)

Anyways, I'm gonna go sip on some Benadryl with a straw.

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