Tuesday, November 4, 2014

That Time a Serial Killer Knocked On Our Door

I've shared with you before that my sisters and I didn't always handle pressure well. A few weeks back I explained how we ripped the spoiler off the back of my sisters car for no reason and pushed a panic button because someone was panicking. If you haven't read that blog, you can click here and find out more about that moment of my life that I am ever so proud of.

Every once in awhile I'll think of another sister story that I feel like needs to be documented for posterity's sake. So, today, I ask you to sit down, grab a cup of coffee and a good blanket for this edition of Sister Stories.

I was in elementary school, Jaclyn in middle and Shannon in high school. We all arrived home from school that day to find that our mother was not home. This was rare, but she left us a note (Hey, kids! There was a time when your mom couldn't text you because text messaging wasn't a thing and also children did not have phones. Isn't that crazy!?) and the note informed us that she had to run a quick errand but that the piano tuner would be arriving around 4:30 and she left us a check to give to him. All we needed to do was let him in.

That seemed simple enough. Basic instructions, right?

Well, Shannon had heard on the news recently that there was a serial killer on the loose posing as a piano tuner. Never mind that this sweet, elderly man had been tuning our piano for years and had never, not even once, attempted to murder any of us any of the times he had been in our home. Shannon, being the amazing and responsible big sister that she is, decided that a serial killer would not be entering our home. Not on her watch.

So, as 4:30 approached, we locked all the doors, turned off all the lights, and closed the shutters. We sat upstairs, looking out a tiny crack through the shutters as he came, knocked, and left. NO ONE IS HOME, PIANO TUNER MAN, YOU CAN GO MURDER SOMEONE ELSE.

When my mom arrived later that afternoon, she asked a) why our house was so dark and b) if the piano tuner had come. We informed her that we would not let him in because there was a piano tuner serial killer on the loose and you can never be too careful.

Mom went off on a nice little tirade about following instructions and how this man is approximately 109 years old and now she has to reschedule and GIRLS CAN YOU STOP BEING SO DRAMATIC?!

How lucky my parents were to have us.

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