Monday, December 8, 2014

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime

A very merry Monday to you!

Let's get right to the weekend recap, shall we?

Friday night started our weekend off with a bang as we got together with our sweet friends from Bible study for our annual Christmas party. We had a sweet sitter for Ellie (shout out to Katie for being awesome!) and had a great, kid-free night with our people. 

I love that man. 

I love evenings with these girls:

Me, Kari, Kyndall, Liz and Charlotte.

Charlotte is our hostess with the mostest. Seriously. I would like for her to teach classes on hosting parties. Girl has GOT IT GOING ON. And all I brought to the party was this:

That's some Christmas bark I made from a recipe I found on Pinterest. It was the easiest dessert I've ever made! Basically it's just Oreos, Christmas M&M's, pretzels, sprinkles and almond bark. It was deliciousness! I posted this picture on Instagram and a lot of you wanted the recipe, so click HERE for that. 

It really was a fabulous party with fabulous people. It just got me all up in the Christmas spirit!

Saturday all 3 of us slept in (GLORY!) and when we woke up I went for a run while Grant and Ellie went for donuts. Can we pause a moment and talk about how sad that made me? My handsome husband and my precious baby girl got to go eat DONUTS AND KOLACHES while I RAN FIVE EVER LOVING MILES. 

The horror of it all. 

But, I accomplished 5 miles and I guess that's saying something. I came home and I pretty much died. Dead. Dead on the couch. 

I had no more legs and no more feet. Just blisters.

Anyhoo, Saturday afternoon we went to the Katy Christmas Festival or whatever it is called and walked around and people watched and let Ellie run in the grass, much to her delight. We finished the evening with a super awesome and unhealthy meal at Freddy's and then drove around looking at Christmas lights. ELLIE LOVES CHRISTMAS LIGHTS OH MY WORD. She was having a ball and was upset when we headed home. I'm certain that won't be our last night doing that particular activity this season! 

Sunday we headed out to Cypress to hang out with family. My mom asked me if I wanted to do some arts and crafts. She handed me this kit to make a banner that said "Merry Christmas" to hang over the mantle. Grant quickly decided that he wanted to participate and eventually took over the entire project. When my mom next entered her living room, she found this loveliness hung by the chimney with care:

Grant was so very proud of himself. The thing is, "Hairy Mess" is actually a pretty accurate description of my family's holiday season thus far so Mom decided she's going to keep it up for awhile! I like it. 

Last night we ate jambalaya with chicken sausage for dinner and I watched Princess Diaries 2 while addressing Christmas cards, so all in all it was a fantastic weekend. I hope yours was fantastic too! 

Later this week I'll be posting some pics of the Christmas decor in my home, so be sure to stop by again soon!

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  1. Jambalaya recipe share? Just the mere mention of it makes me want to have it, and I've never made it myself.