Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be Kind, Please Rewind

Going to Blockbuster video used to be a weekly occurrence in our lives, sometimes even twice a weekend. If we didn't go to Blockbuster there was a video rental section in our little grocery store. My sister, Jaclyn, and I liked to rent the same videos over and over again, namely Cricket's Clubhouse. My best friend Lindsee and I would get either Troop Beverly Hills or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun every time. We knew what we liked and we would just get it each time. My dad would start to get frustrated. "Why are we renting this movie again? Why haven't we bought it yet? We've paid for it probably four times at this point."

The worst was in middle school when someone's mom would take our whole little gang of friends to Blockbuster to rent a movie. We would probably spend an hour in there because the guys and the girls could never agree on a movie. Oh, it was so infuriating. And I feel like the girls choice never won, ever. EVER. 

I thought of all this because yesterday I watched this video and I found it fascinating:

"It's called the record button on the remote."


They will never know about late fees.

They will never know the satisfaction of dropping that clunky video down into the drop box. 

They will never know that feeling of trying to remember if you hit rewind before putting it back in the box. 

They will never know the frustration of going to the New Release wall and the video you came to rent being gone already. 

Don't get me wrong, I like the new way of doing things so much better. But it makes me kind of sad that these kids will never know the experience!

What I don't miss is walking through a Blockbuster and trying to convince someone to select the movie you want to watch and that person trying to convince you to watch another movie and you basically having a fight in the middle of Blockbuster. Don't miss that. 

Was there a movie you rented repeatedly?

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  1. I rented Father of the Bride and Steel Magnolias more times than I could possibly ever count or remember. My dad would react the exact same way-- "You're renting that movie AGAIN? You already know all of the lines!" I can remember racing to Blockbuster with my mom to get the movie back by closing to avoid the late fees haha-- oh, the memories :)