Sunday, March 8, 2015

The First Blog from the New House!

Well.... WE MADE IT. All day today I've been wanting to write a blog, and here at 8:30 I've finally found the time! It's been chaos and lots of work and I'm tired and my husband is a freaking rock star but we've made it. 

Friday was mega packing day. Saturday was moving day. And today was unpacking day. So many of you have sent sweet texts or messages through the blog Facebook page asking how things are going. Thank y'all for your sweet encouragement! And I'm so sorry I haven't responded to each of you. In a nutshell, here's how things are going: 

My parents have been a major help (plus a big shout out to my BFF Lindsee who saved the day by helping us get all packed up all day Friday) and we've just been putting one foot in front of the other. The movers showed up  yesterday morning around 8:30 and didn't leave till late afternoon. 

Seriously, y'all, how do two people and one toddler acquire so much junk? I mean.... there is just stuff everywhere. Some of it is useful (like shower curtains and such) and some of it is junk (like wire shoe racks that haven't been used in a sweet forever but we feel the need to keep for some strange reason) but there is stuff everywhere and I am quite overwhelmed. Every once in awhile I sit down and look around and imagine a room where things are where they are supposed to be and it brings me to a happy place for a few sweet moments. 

Thankfully, as of a few hours ago, I have a functioning kitchen. I had to focus really hard on how to start the new dishwasher but it's going. Grant is currently hooking up the washer and dryer. He has been a work horse. Major round of applause and a standing ovation for my Grantley!

Ellie's room is pretty much done, except for some decorative items I need to hang on the walls. She has so much more space in there. She literally ran in circles. 

We have soooo many rubbermaid tubs that need to go in the attic, but the movers would only take them as far as the second floor. So, our gameroom upstairs is just filled to the brim with tubs that need to go into the attic. Neither of us has the energy right now to get them up that ladder. Hopefully we don't put that off too long, otherwise our future houseguests will have to climb over the tubs to get to guest rooms. That could kind of be a fun adventure though, right?

The funniest thing happening right now is the lack of furniture downstairs. We sold some of our furniture and we are planning on getting new furniture for this house, but we haven't gotten it yet. The only furniture on the lower level of our home is the breakfast table and chairs, and our mattress on the floor of our master bedroom. No rugs. No couches. No desks. No bed. No lamps. It's just bare bones down here and it's making me laugh. Hopefully this week all of that will begin to come together more! I've got most of it picked out, I just need to go purchase it. My dining room furniture is being refinished so that's not here either. Just empty rooms everywhere you look! 

As for Ellie, she's been so great. Confused, absolutely. But so great. Last night around 8pm she told me "I have to go back to Ellie's house." Bless that girl. She went to bed in her room just fine and then woke up this morning, totally not phased at all, hollering that she needed to go potty. Sweet munchkin girl. We do have cable and internet so she has been able to sit and watch some shows or play the iPad if I need to get some work done. She's slowly finding her toys. 

She's enjoyed the new house though, and yesterday when we first got here she was running around, looking out the windows and twirling on the stairs singing "For the First Time in Forever" from Frozen. She was pretty much doing all of Anna's movements and such, looking over the balcony... it was all very dramatic and hilarious. 

I really need to start working on our master closet tomorrow since our clothes are still in boxes. Things will continue to come together, slowly but surely. Honestly, though, I am just so, so thankful. Thankful for this house, thankful for my husband, thankful for such helpful friends and family, thankful for God blessing us with this place to raise our family for years and years to come. 

Now, it just needs furniture. 

Oh, and also, the cable guy came and all my scheduled shows for the DVR have been deleted so clearly this is a major task I need to accomplish. I need to sit down and think through every show I love to watch and schedule it to record. This is of the utmost importance. 

Anyways, here's my new kitchen!

I'll show y'all more as things come together. 

Goodnight from the new casa. I'm excited for all the things I will write from within these walls!

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  1. Congratulations Jennifer!!! Your doing an Outstanding Job all the way around!!!!