Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It Was a Very Rainy Day

Tropical Storm Bill hit Houston this week. 

And by "Tropical Storm Bill hit Houston this week" what I really mean is "we had a rainy day in Houston this week."

Look, I'm not complaining. And I'm glad we all heed the warnings. If you've lived in Houston for the vast majority of your life, you've experienced some WHOA THERE storms. One day I'll have to share the story of the night of Tropical Storm Alicia in 2001. And I remember the WEEKS without power that we went through after Hurricane Ike in 2008. I take this business seriously. When they say a Tropical Storm is on its way, I do the proper, Texan thing to do and I hunker down.


The only problem is that sometimes you hunker down on a Monday night in preparation of this giant storm to hit, and then it really never does. And you cancel your plans for Tuesday because the storm is coming, and then it never does. And you sit alone in a house all day with your little girl and you don't go outside or drive around because a big storm is coming. And it never does. 

And then Wednesday rolls around and it finally does rain. Not torrential storms, but it rains. It rains and it rains and it rains. And you go out and drive in it anyway. And you join the rest of the mamas of Katy, Texas who can't take being in their houses anymore and go see "Mary Poppins" for a dollar. 

Side note: Mary Poppins is a magical, wonderful movie.

Side note: Mary Poppins is about 1 hour too long for a not-yet-3-year-old. 

One thing that was accomplished this week was that Ellie chose "Bikini so Teeny" by Essie for her Summer toe color.

There was also a considerable amount of time spent in a tutu. 

And also a substantial amount of snuggling and movie watching.

That's Ellie and her little brother, right there. 

The thing is, it's been nice to sit at home and not do much. But let the record show that we are ready for some activities over here. I read 18 different books to her yesterday. Keep in mind that some of those books were read upwards of 6 times. 

I'm ready to take her to a playground. The child needs to RUN. 

To complicate things, Grantley has been in California all week for work so I have been flying solo. Let's just say that I'm ready for him to come home.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow!

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