Monday, June 29, 2015

Sweet Buddy

This is our little mister:

We got to see him this morning and I love him so very much. 

His nose and little profile looks just like Ellie's did at 20 weeks and I am beyond thrilled about that. He had his little ankles crossed and he seemed like he had plenty of room to do all of his activities. They tell me he weighs a little under a pound, so he's still just a little guy. 

I feel him everyday, getting stronger and stronger. 

He doesn't have a name yet, because when you are married to the most thorough decision maker in the history of all decision makers (a man who takes an hour and a half to pick out a Christmas tree) then you know going into a 9 month long pregnancy that the man will probably take his dear sweet time. 

We were 7 months pregnant before we settled on Ellie, and she was in my arms in the recovery room of the hospital when I looked at him and said "WHAT IS HER NAME" since the middle name had not been solidified.  I said, "I like all the ones we've discussed. I really don't think we can go wrong. Just pick." He got real quiet for a few minutes, and then said "I think it has to be Ellie Paige." At least when he comes to his final decision, it's a good one. 

So this little buddy will get a name. At some point. One can't rush these things. 

For now, he's little brother. 

And I'm very thankful for him. 

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