Monday, July 13, 2015

It's Ellie's Birthday Week!

This week, the girl will turn three years old.

I'm not really sure how that happened because I'm pretty certain that it was just like 2 months ago that I was bathing her in a kitchen sink, right? RIGHT?!

I'm so excited for all the activity the next 7 days will hold. A birthday party, the circus, family coming into town, all of our Louisiana family sleeping under one roof (our roof!) and getting to celebrate our darling girl. I've got a lot to do this week before everyone arrives. I need to make the much needed Party City run, as well as a trip to Target. I've got to wrap her presents and do way too much laundry. I've got to get the house ready and grocery shop.

I've got lots of lists going. A list for things I need for the party, a list of things I need for our out of town guests, a list of to-do's for around the house.... I'm ready to do this!

This picture was taken yesterday when I had to walk into her room during her nap. I just about melted. She's such a big girl, but still such a baby all at the same time.

I've got my own little personal chef.

She told me last night, "my birthday is next to-mornin." She has zero concepts of days and weeks and hours :)

As for this little man growing in my belly, I'm 23 weeks and shocked at how active this kid is. He moves and makes his presence known so much more than Ellie did at this point. He is a hyper little thing. He kicks me frequently and at random times of the day and night. A few nights ago I laid in bed awake for over an hour (around 3am, mind you!) while my little mister did his morning exercise routine. Kicking. Stretching. There might have been some Zumba involved, I'm not sure. 

The fact that he will be here in 4 months is overwhelming and exciting. It is already a very hot Summer - I am sweating just getting the mail from the mailbox - but I'm very much hoping for a mild Fall! 

Off to cross things off my list! Happy Monday, ladies and gents!

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