Monday, July 27, 2015

Registering for Baby Number Two!

I didn't plan on registering for this baby. Is that weird? I just felt like we had pretty much everything we needed since this is our second baby. I don't want any giant baby showers. While I DO want little mister to be celebrated, I don't need all the stuff like we did before. I mean, let's face it, 3.5 years ago when we were preparing to have Ellie we were all like "Ummmmm we need ALL OF THE THINGS."

However, when picking out items for her, I really tried to make the newborn items and "big ticket" items (like car seats, strollers, bath tubs, high chair, etc.) gender neutral for such a time as this. I thought we might have a boy some day and I didn't want to have to do all of this all over again.

So recently, when someone asked if if I had registered, I nonchalantly replied "Oh, we're not really doing that... we have everything we need!" and I was met with a blank stare. And I'm pretty sure on the inside of that blank stare she was mentally patting me on the head and saying "Oh, honey...."

Multiple people have told me to just go click through Babies R Us and the like and make sure we aren't forgetting things, as we've had 3 years pass since we've been in the thick of the newborn phase and maybe I should look one more time. Apparently "people are going to give you a gift anyway, you might as well try to make sure it's something you could actually use."


I got to clicking around and literally opened up the Babies R Us website and couldn't think of what to type. Seriously. I was drawing a blank.

What do babies need? What did we do?



Even the stuff that I still have that I'm not registering for..... I just forgot it existed. The bottle sterilizer! I was immediately taken back in time to the bottle phase... the warming... the mixing... the 3:00am-stand-in-the-kitchen-holding-a-crying-baby season of my life....

I forgot about the little sleepers with the footies and the snap buttons.

I forgot about the burp cloths.

I forgot about the bibs.

OH THE BIBS. How many did we use every single live-long-day?!

And as I clicked through this website, I realized that there are, indeed, a few things we need. There are some things that got too worn with Ellie that I threw out. Since we have a two-story house now, he will sleep in our room for a period of time since Lord knows I'm not going to be going up and down the stairs 28 times a day. (Ellie slept in her nursery from the get go since it was so close to our room.) All that being said, we will need a bassinet.

There are some things that have been invented since I last had a baby.  For example, DID YOU KNOW THERE IS THE EQUIVALENT OF A COFFEE KEURIG FOR BABY FORMULA?!

It dispenses formula. And makes the bottle the proper temperature. You just push a button. GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE.

Another thing that started happening to me as I clicked through the website?



Yup, I started crying. With all the memories of the newborn phase with Ellie Paige (mostly happy, a few exhausting) it just gets me so nervous/anxious about little man's arrival. I'm so thankful and so happy and also doing a big gulp about the task at hand. It's just getting so real.

All that to say, if you're a second time mama (or a third) (or fourth) (or five or more) (I hope you get a nap today) would you please share your wealth of knowledge and tell me what I should register for the second time around?

While you're thinking about it, I'm going to go stare at the crib and try not to sob.

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  1. A double stroller or sit n stand depending if Ellie still likes strollers, another sound machine so each kid can have their own to drown out the other one's noise, another monitor/camera, diaper rash cream, new diaper bag.