Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Thoughts

Okay, so my last 2 posts have been very sad, and anytime I read them I get all blaaaaaaah again. So I'm going to have a cheery post! Here are my happy thoughts:

1. Our dog, Moxie, when Grant gets home from work. It's quite the performance.

2. My niece Scarlett saying "Mine".

3. My niece Grace with her enthusiastic squeals and smiles.

4. My niece Juliet when she gets excited. (She flaps her arms like a little bird).

5. Laying on the couch reading a magazine under a big comfy blanket while my dog is on my feet chewing on his rope and my husband is watching golf.

6. Christmas!

7. Looking through my wedding album

8. A clean closet!

9. The Olive Garden breadsticks

10. Curling up on the couch while Grant is out playing golf and watching a cheesy Lifetime movie.

11. Remembering hot tub days with my besties!

12. Broadway show soundtracks

13. Making up a song off the top of my head and hearing my sister somehow sing the words with me in unison. Freaky.

14. My sister Shannon's laugh.

15. Being in the car with my parents while mom and I intentionally annoy the heck out of my dad.

16. Dad getting kolaches.

17. Grant calling me "Sweet Girl"

18. Worship on Sunday mornings

19. Pedicures

20. Double dates with Chase & Ronda

21. Talking to Joanna Montana on the phone

22. The Houston Children's Chorus

23. Sitting at the Brian Regan stand up comedy show with Lindsee, wetting our pants.

24. Knowing that I only have 3 weeks left for the season premier of The Office!

25. Watching Tinkerbell fly at Disney World.

26. The nervous-excited feeling I would get right before I went on stage for a musical.

27. Movie nights with my husband

28. The fireplace at my parents house and the big comfy chair in front of it.

29. My mom's mashed potatoes.

30. IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Lord for your many blessings!


  1. you light up my life :)

    I love you and miss your face!

  2. #15 is my favorite. Well, besides the good ole' times with Brian Regan! :) But, oh, the car times. I mean, do you remember coming back from Baton Rouge! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Love you.

  3. You inspired me so much by doing this post, that I headed straight over to the blogger homepage to do my very own list!

    You're right, we need to take the time to 'count our blessings' as it were, even though our blesings are always way too many to name one by one, right?

    Thanks Jen x