Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How Not to Work Out

My sweet precious friend Katie sent me this video and I can't stop watching it. I can't breathe it's so funny! My heart goes out to this poor woman, but you can't not laugh at this. Oooh girl!


  1. I look ridiculous right now. I am dying laughing and I'm in the freaking computer lab that is SILENT. Why did I do this to myslef.

    I am leaving the blog and the lab because everyone is staring.

  2. Absolutely hilarious!!!! Made me laugh so hard I got teary eyed! hahaha

  3. that is so funny...she literally almost snapped in half...bless.

  4. Hilarious!! That poor, poor girl!

    Jen, you can't make a woman who has recently had a baby laugh that hard!! Makes me think... I need to work on my kegals for the next delivery!

  5. I have tears streaming down my face that is so funny1! The guy in the background oh goodness the look on his face!!
    I truly would have broken something. I can not stop laughing!!
    My son is looking at me like I am goofy or something.