Sunday, September 23, 2007

Up and at 'em

Good morning! This is a beautiful, gorgeous Sunday here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! I'm about to start getting ready for church here in a minute, but I just have to share with all of you how good God is to me.

Grant has been out of town all weekend. He is in Birmingham, Alabama visiting his 2 greatest guy friends, Ben and Chris. I've been doing alot of traveling lately and I opted to not go and give him a good, long, guy weekend. So I've been here, in Louisiana, all to my lonesome. This could have been a very lonely, boring weekend. But it wasn't!

One thing I REALLY wanted to get accomplished this weekend was some housework. I really wanted to get my closet cleaned out a bit and do several loads of laundry and ironing so we have stuff to wear to work this week! Now, ladies, for those of you who know me or read this blog often, you know that motivation is a struggle for me. Sometimes I just have a really hard time getting started. And then, even if I do get my lazy butt up and get going, I have no joy in it whatsoever. I always feel like I'm wasting my time.

My dear girls, Friday night I got home from work and immediately started a load of laundry and mopping my floors. (I skipped Oprah, ya'll). I cleaned the kitchen and put a load of dishes in the dishwasher, all in the first half hour I was home from work. On a Friday! God blesses me with motivation coming out of my ears!

As if that wasn't a great enough gift, God did something extraordinary. I went to a movie. With a friend!!! That's right ladies, I made a new friend in Baton Rouge! Katie and her husband Mo attend the same church as me and Grant, and also the same weekly Bible Study. Katie's husband had to work this weekend, so Friday night we went to dinner and then went to see The Nanny Diaries (so cute). I needed some girl time and we had a blast.

Yesterday morning, Saturday, without an alarm, I woke up at 8:00. I put on a t-shirt and my tennis shoes, and I took my dog on a walk. At 8:15. On a Saturday morning. When I had nothing to do that day. (Ya'll, God is doing a MAJOR work in me!!). So after Moxie and I spent some quality time together :) I came back to the apartment and ironed my little heart out. I lit candles and blasted Amy Grant's Greatest Hits (holla back to 1986!!) and sang at the top of my lungs. And THEN, Katie came over cause Mo was working again. She brought her wedding album and I got mine out and we oohed and aahed at each other's wedding pictures and talked and talked and talked. I went back to her house with her last night and hung out with her and Mo for awhile so I wouldn't be home all alone.

This morning, I voluntarily woke up at 7:30 and decided to do a post before getting ready for church. Grant is coming home tonight (YAY!) so I am going to get a little bit more done this afternoon.

Praise God for the gift of motivation. Praise God for the gift of new friends! Praise God for beautiful days and beautiful, relaxing, productive weekends! God is SO good, He's so good to me!!


  1. girl i am so PROUD!!! Give your self a pat on the back from jo :)

    Seriously you go girl!! I know what a great feeling that is!!

    Tomorrow is goal day :)

    Have a great Sunday!! Its cold and raining!!

    Love you!!

  2. Way to be so productive!! I am glad you enjoyed your weekend without Grant. But, glad he's coming back today! :0)

    I, too, was very productive this weekend, and tonight for that matter!!!

    Let's all keep this up!!

    Love you,