Thursday, September 13, 2007

It Is Well With My Soul

I am in Texas, all hail the mighty state. :) I flew in late last night, Aunt Donna's funeral was this morning. The service was beautiful. It was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful, joyful woman. She fought the good fight. She specifically requested Phillipians 4:6-7 to be read at the service. It was so calming to hear "Be Anxious for NOTHING". God is in control! There is no reason to worry. I found it so sweet that she chose that verse. After her long, hard fought battle with cancer, and leaving her sweet husband and children behind, she was telling us to be anxious for nothing. So cool!

It has been quite the reunion down here. All my cousins are here, as well as my sisters and their precious baby girls. I have enjoyed being Aunt Jenny today and giving lots of kisses.

I will head back up to Louisiana (otherwise known as Psycho LSU tiger obsessed land) on Sunday morning, but until then, it's just me and some good old Cypress therapy! PTL!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, keep 'em coming for my cousins.


  1. I love you.

    So glad you're getting some Cypress therapy. My mom said the service was wonderful! I am so sad I missed it.

    I'll call you if I'm coming for some of my own Cypress Therapy! :)


  2. Oh I am so sorry about your aunt. I will pray for her family especially her little ones.
    I loved your comment about introducing ourselves by our blogger names. I feel like I already do that and am known only as Connor's mom or Coles mom - hehe
    ARe you going to SAn Antonio b/c if you are girl you better come up to me and say hi I am Jenthenewlywed - HAHA
    God bless,