Monday, September 24, 2007

Premiere Week!

Ladies!! I am SO excited about this week. It's PREMIERE WEEK! I watch far too much television, but this week is like Christmas for a TV watcher. All the season premieres start this week! I have been waiting!

MONDAY (tonight!)- THE BACHELOR. Do not make fun of me. You are not allowed to. I hadn't watched this show in YEARS, but got back into it during last season's Andy. This new guy is from Austin. Okay, so it's not the most intelligent show. But I like it! Also, if you ARE a cool person and watch it with me, every Tuesday morning this HILARIOUS girl Lincee writes a blog about it, recapping and making predictions. Her blog is linked over there to your left. Anyways, here is the new Bachelor, Brad Womack from Austin, Texas.

WEDNESDAY- KID NATION. Grant and I watched the premiere of this show LAST week and we love it. It's really funny and interesting. There's a little weird kid named Jared, Grant calls him Rainman. :)

THURSDAY- GREY'S ANATOMY AND THE OFFICE!!!! It's my favoritest of all favorites. The Office which is by FAR our favorite show on television, and Grey's Anatomy, which we are shamefully addicted to. Tonight on The Office we get to see how Jim and Pam are doing since their first date! Eeeeee!!!!! I'm a little worried about Grey's. Meredith's half sister is there now and I dont' want her moving in on Derek. No bueno. But here below is Jim & Pam. My favorite almost-couple.

Do any of you watch any of these shows? Would you like to watch with me!? I am SUCH a dork and clearly have too much time on my hands!

Oh yeah, one last thing. My precious sister Jaclyn FINALLY got a blog! I linked her, go say hi! Look at the precious pictures of baby Grace Parker :)

Love you all, have a FABULOUS week!


  1. OMG!! I totally forgot the BACHELOR tonight!! I am super excited that i can hardly stand it!!!

    Holla :) i love you!! And you better get to Old Navy quick!!

  2. oh this blog is soo fun! i absolutely love grey's anatomy so it's pretty much making my week that it starts thursday! and i had completely forgotten about the bachelor until i read your blog so thanks! =) and its so fun that's he's from texas! hope you have fun watching it tonite!

  3. LOVE GREY's! Can't wait for Thursday. Survivor is also good this year!

    I am going to watch the Bachelor ... or Tivo it and watch it on Tuesday. I'll make sure to not check your blog until after I've watched it :)

  4. Hey Jen, found your blog through another blog sister and just in time. I was excited to see your post.
    Love Greys and I also cant wait for House tomorrow. I also watch Americas Next Top Model amd Project Runway with my daughter.
    It is like Christmas this week!!!

  5. Austin Bachelor is my favorite. Can I say looker?!